Become a Better Photographer in 3 Minutes! — 21 Tips.

Improved 09/28/15: Getting it right in camera is easier than fixing it later. I hate it when I get in a hurry and overlook these simple principles and it comes up a lot in my workshops. I’ve learned there’s always Continue reading

Falling Light in New Mexico!

In this weeks video we go on a trip to New Mexico and look at how light falls in a harsh situation. We’ll briefly study how to can better catch the falling light. Lots more eon this topic in the Continue reading

Liquid Light in Photography!

You cannot train light, until light trains you! Then you can ask yourself. Am I controlling light, or is it controlling me? Today’s video is quick and dirty and it’s about liquid light! Not that old emulsion in a bottle Continue reading

How to Get Great Light!

In today’s video we’re going to look at six lighting conditions and talk about the 3 ways to use light. — I talk a lot in my workshops about Zones, tones and planning our images. Today we get to look Continue reading