Free B&W LR Presets from Silver Shadows 2.

Silver Shadows 2 is finally here and it won’t disappoint. It represents years of refinement since v1 was released. It’s been expanded and revamped from the ground up and I think it will blow you away when you see the efficient high quality silver conversions you can do without leaving LR.

As always, I’ve made up a free sampler pack. This one include 6 great effects from SS2, including the one above that give a small sampling of just how powerful it is. You can download below, no strings attached. When you realize how much you like it, check the full collection. It has over a hundred effects, refined and organized into the ultimate black and white toolkit. Either way head over to the product page for the video of these presets in action.

Enjoy… Gav

Download the SS2 Free Sampler Pack.

Check out the complete collection.

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