Issues and Solutions…

File Wont Unzip Or Gives An Error:
A small percentage of users experience a problem unzipping the downloaded file. This appears to be due to an issue with their unzip utility and generally occurs only on Windows Vista or XP. Following the instructions below should resolve the issue.

  • 1: Delete all partially unzipped or error files and re-download the package.
  • 2: Download Zipeg Unzip Utility. It’s totally free for Mac or WIN:
  • 3. Unzip the downloaded file using Zipeg rather than your built in zip utility.

This usually resolves any issues and your effects will unpack correctly. If you need further help feel free to contact us. Also here’s a few other free Zip utilities, should you care to try them. iZark, 7-ZIP.

How do I install my presets/actions?

Visit the Guide Page for installation videos and tips and well as guides for different types of presets and how to best use them.

Windows is blocking the download:
This can occur when Windows detects a file type that raises a flag. The fix can be found on this Microsoft Help page. I’ve noted the primary resolve below.

“You can open a blocked file from a known source if you want to. To open a blocked file, follow these steps”

  • 1.    Right-click the blocked file, and then click Properties.
  • 2.    In the General tab, click Unblock.

Some Photoshop Actions Give Errors:
This is usualy because you’re working with a 16bit file instead of an 8bit. Some PS tools (Diffuse Glow for example) will not work on 16bit files and you’ll receive action errors. To correct this you can go to the menu under Image/Mode and convert to 8 bits before running the desired action. Also if editing from Lightroom you can set preferences to open files in 8bit instead of 16. I’ll often use 16bit to bring out dynamic range, but then go to 8bit for final edits because it’s much faster and avoids errors.

What does each effect do?

While each effect has it’s own look, each will also work differently depending on the image it’s applied to. This is normal with all photo effects. Watch the introductory video located on each product page for an overview of included effects and how they should be used.

Updating your presets or actions to a newer version:
If your updating to a newer version there is no need to keep the existing version. New versions, including minor updates, include the current complete collection of effects. The easiest way is to simply delete the old set and load the new.

If you have any issues you don’t see an answer to, don’t hesitate to contact us. Seriously we have great service and are here to help.