Take Control of Your Retouching – In ONE Remarkable Video Series

Understanding the art of retouching goes beyond running software or using plugins – It bridges the gap between tools and visualization — In this series renown photographer and Hot One award winning educator Gavin Seim will share retouching techniques from 15 years of study and show you how to get perfect results every time.

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“I extend enthusiastic thanks Gavin for assisting in the removal of the veil of mystery between myself and the Photoshop tools and filters!” – Todd Buehlig

“Love the Retouching videos.” – Vern Johnson

A Workshop EVERY Photographer Should Watch!

  • Immediate HD Downloads – Learn and review at your pace.
  • 15 years of experience – Refined into ONE hands-on workshop.
  • Use Photoshop, Elements, LR and any pixel based software.
  • Gavin Seim’s award winning teaching style – Enjoy the ride.
  • Nearly 4 hours of powerful training – For all skills & all genres.

What You’ll Learn…

Basic Tools – We start by looking at the essential tools of master retoucher’s. This overview of will get you up to speed with the foundations, but we’ll move on quickly to more advanced studies.

Blurring – More than just softness. We’ll explore how using blurs and blends can change everything about an image. From softening details and getting glamorous skin to subtle control over detail and texture.

Pixel Painting – This Amazing technique will change your images – Gavin’s unique method of working with detail and controlling color and tone, will give you new tools that you never thought possible and your inner painter breaks out.

The Pesky Details – Eye’s, teeth and managing each little detail will change the face of our images. It’s no secret that great images are in the details. Gain new insight on these simple but essentials techniques and learn to be more efficient editing the details.

Clone Essentials – Put the power of a master retoucher at your fingertips. Few image makers fully know how to efficiently utilize clones and fix problems. Gavin shows you how to make it a walk in the park.

Advanced Clones – Taking it further – Gavin will share advanced cloning, patching and replacement techniques that will help you take on any problem with a bit of practice.

Image Restoration – Restore & reconstruct. Gavin combines every tool to take on this epic challenge. Doing retouches like this put you in a class of your own and Few understand pixel manipulation on this advanced level. Until now.

Some edits we’ll study – Use the sliders for before and after:


What’s Inside FAQ:

  • 3+ Hours of instantly downloadable (Mac or PC) HD video training: Master retouching from portrait retouching to blurs to image restoration.
  • World Class Support: You’ll never be in the dark with our REALService. If you have any problems at all, simply contact Gavin and he’ll be more than happy to help you.
  • Discount Upgrade: The Retouching Magic workshop replaced the Cloning Magic workshop. It features more than double the content covering much more. Customers who purchased the Cloning Magic Workshop are eligible for a discounted upgrade price. Please email us if you did not receive your upgrade code – effects@seimstudios.com
  • What Software do I need: The series is recorded mostly using Photoshop and some in Lightroom. We recommend at least having Photoshop Elements or something similar. As long as you have a quality, pixel-based editor, the techniques in Retouching Magic will work for you – If you don’t use an editor like Photoshop or Elements for advanced retouching, you will once you watch this series.
  • Iron Guarantee: We’re confident in our product and we’ll back that. The Iron Guarantee gives you 45 days to return for a full refund if you don’t like what you see.

A few thoughts from Gavin:
All this came long before digital, when master retouchers used airbrushes and dyes to achieve the perfect image. I’ve seen it done and it’s amazing. But digital gives us to the ability to retouch faster and better than ever. As long we understand our tools. Put simply, the Retouching Magic series will teach you to edit better. To know when, where and how to use the tools that are sitting right in front of you.

Sometimes you want an image that’s all natural. Other times you need bold changes. Perfect retouching is often critical to that professional image and there’s little more amateurish than a bad retouch where everyone can see what happened. I’m going to show you the tools a tricks to get your pixels perfect and make images that are clean and polished.

We’ll start with basic tools and and build a solid foundation as we do in all Seim workshops – When we’ll move quickly to advanced techniques. In a few hours you’ll learn what tools to use and when. You’ll learn how to visualize and plan your edits to avoid ugly messes and how make your retouching look like it never happened. Retouching Magic will change how you make images.

Who Is Gavin Seim?

Gavin Seim is an award winning Portraitist, Pictorialist & Filmmaker based in Central Washington – He started when he was just twelve years old and now owns a studio that focuses on signature wall art and portraiture. Gavin takes his family on the road four to six months of each year, exploring, speaking and studying photographic technique, which he writes and speaks about.

Gavin’s work has been featured around the world in magazines, books and online and his EXposed Workshop series won the coveted 2013 HOT ONE award from PPA. He has a passion for raising the bar and is best known for his refined images, projects like the Pro Photo Show and Seim Effects Photo Tools. Gavin’s loves to learn and share. His energetic persona drives him to challenge himself and others to push the limits of modern technique, while at the same time slowing down to study what has worked for centuries.You can read Gavin’s full bio here.

Visit Seim Studios see Gavin’s latest work and f164.com for his fine art pictorials.


All content and video (c) Seim Studios.

Who is Seim?

I'm Gavin Seim and I started studying photography in 1997.

As digital arrived, I went all in. I got to study with masters like Ken Whitmire. In 2009 I founded the Pro Photo Show podcast and eventually my YouTube channel. I started creating the professional developing presets when Lightroom V1 launched. Then Capture One Styles, Photoshop Actions and photography courses.

20+ years in the trenches earned me a Masters (M.Photog) from PPA. I've been featured, won a few awards and now I live in Mexico exploring the magical light of the South while creating new tools and searching for shadows.

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There's lots of videos and free stuff on the blog too. Look around. If you have questions I'm here to help, just send me a message | Gavin Seim

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