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How to Install Lightroom presets.

Here's to Install Develop Presets for Lightroom CC and Classic. Start with this main video if you use Lightroom Classic or CC on Desktop. If you only use Mobile or use LR6 still, scroll down. NOTE: Make sure you UNZIP your main downloaded folder before trying to install the folders, or zipped up presets packs contained inside. Don't try and import the entire downloads ZIP.

Lightroom Running Slow? Watch  this guide to make it faster.

The below video is for Installing Lightroom Mobile presets in 2022 without a desktop.

Yes, directly downloading and installing presets for Lightroom mobile with no silly workarounds. (Note that you will need a paid version of LR Mobile, not a free version to use this feature.) NOT that this may not be fully working on IOS versions yet and you may still need to install via desktop as shown in the main video above..

Watch the video below if you're using an older version of LR, or you need to install Adjustment brushe presets.
This video is about updating your preset packs and deleting old presets you no longer need.

Index.dat file --- If after these videos your presets still won't delete are are doing crazy things, you can also delete the index.dat files that you find inside the /CameraRaw/Settings folder. These files can sometimes be damaged and cause odd lightroom problems. Deleting them will not cause you to lose any image files.

Camera RAW presets --- If you’ve installed the presets in Lightroom CC 7.3 or later using the method above for LR, they “should” show up in Camera Raw automatically. In Photoshop presets are used from the Camera Raw folder, not the action panel. If you have never used presets in Camera Raw see the "Photoshop help panel" for a video on using presets in Photoshop.

Develop Presets are stored here after LR 7.3

  • Mac: User / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Camera Raw / Settings
  • Win:  Users \ UserName \ App Data \ Roaming \ Adobe \ CameraRaw \ Settings

Note: There can also be presets in the /ImportedSettings directory in the same /CameraRaw folder.

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