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We have changed cart system and the affiliate program is suspended at this time. Stay tuned as we’re planning a bigger and better program.

Seim Effects has a great affiliate program. Help spread the word and you get a percentage of each sale you send us via a tracking link. For effects collections you’ll get 20% of each sale you make for Seim Effects. Workshops give you 10% commission. If you have a website or blog visited by photographers you can make some extra revenue telling people about your favorite tools.

How to get started.

It’s really easy. Just sign up here for the an account and then follow the same link to join as a Seim Effects affiliate. E-junkie handles our cart system and affiliate program and it’s really simple. Once you sign up, follow the steps for the product you want to link. You can use the resulting code on your site to link to the product, or use the destination url as a link on one of our ad images below, which you can either upload to your own site or reference from here. Every time someone clicks thru and buys the product you’ll get 20% of that sale.

A few rules. Affiliate commissions do not apply to products you purchase yourself. Seim Effects takes no responsibility for your banners and ads. Spamming with your affiliate links is not allowed and will get you removed from the program. Seim Studios LLC reserved the right to remove anyone from the program at any time at their discretion. The program, commission rules and details are subject to change at any time. Our system automatically tracks your links and notifies you each time you make a sale. We’ll send your money via Paypal each month (around the 10th). You are responsible for all legal and tax reporting for income you receive from Seim Studios LLC.

If you need any help or have questions just contact us. Thanks for spreading the word… Gav

468×60 banner images.

Seim Effects Banner

(link this banner to the freebies page)


150 pixel wide tiles (can easily be re-sized to 125px). Perfect for sidebars.

          Seim Effects Tile

300×300 square tiles.



Multi product animated GIF tiles – 150×150, 125×125, 150×300.




Vertical banners.

Seim Effects Tile