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So I stand behind every product 100% Buy anything and try it for 7 days. If after that you're dissatisfied, send me an email within 31 days of purchase. Let me know the problem and I’ll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money. Whatever you decide.

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I'm Gavin Seim. I make app native editing presets, actions and workshop to help you stop wasting personal creativity!

Ever bought something to improve your photography but it returned nothing? I have! I started when I was 12 and have a Masters in photography. But that degree means nothing, my results do! I was tired of random tools backed by nothing. So I built a system that will transform your photography. Guaranteed! If you're not sure where to start with fast native editing, check out the video below.

Develop | Handcrafted LR Presets, Capture One Styles and LUTS

PowerFlow 7 is the original speed workflow kit.  Learn More 

Start here to edit anything! This Lightroom presets pack and Capture One style pack is an all in one edit kit for batches, fixes and creativity.

The legendary Black and White Lightroom presets. Learn More

When you pure black and white  master like shadows and light fast. Go to best selling presets. These are formulas created for perfect Silver

Your film darkroom presets will be love at first sight. Learn More

Created from film and built on years of film study, I  created a preset collection that lets you step into the beauty of the darkroom. LUTS Also included!

Create Natural HDR from 1 file without the mess Learn More

Good HDR is a dance of shadow and light. And Natural HDR makes simple. Get astounding dynamic range from single files that is simply stunning.

Belladonna lightroom and capture on presets and styles

The portrait & color presets pack to complete your vision. Learn More

Belladonna to gives you advanced color grades to create rich craft looks in portrait, weddings and the streets. Make complex color easy.

Muse makes creative cinematic color edits easy Learn More

Muse is all about throwing out editing timidity. It's deep recipes of cinematic color let take you a step beyond Belladonna.

ABOVE Lightroom presets and Capture One style Master packs. Complete collections of ultra refined tools and mods for any workflow, Many have over a decade of ongoing development. BELOW you'll find Focus Packs. Smaller, but laser focused to get you where you want to go fast.
These work in Lightroom CC, Mobile, PS RAW, LR6 and as Styles for Capture One. (LUTS for other apps and video editing included where noted).

Speed Masks and instant brushes for final details, fast. Learn More

Elegance 4 presets will put Lightroom local adjustments at your fingertips and add the new Speed Masks that will transform your editing (LR Only)

Gold-Chrome is warm tone nirvana for your photos. Learn More

This focus pack of master develop presets for LR and C1 will let you create breathtaking gold tone photos that pop off the page.

The definitive Mobile and compact camera recipes. Learn More

The presets you didn't know you needed. It may be my least known pack, but Moby will transform your mobile photos and videos.

Get all 9 packs and Save 50% with the Masters Preset Bundle $701 individually. Just $349 - Or see all bundles here.

Advance | Photoshop Actions to Make advanced edits easy

Alchemist 2 is Gavin's retouching action system. It has everything from skin surface tools and glamour effects to color overlays and sharpening tools. It's incredibly easy to use, with dozens of actions that stack effortlessly. Alchemist 2 will take your retouching to the next level.

Lumist 2 - These game-changing actions are all about mastering light. Make Luminosity masking easy and fun. Lumist 2 lets  you to see and edit zones in real time. It takes the power of luminosity making but makes it so much more simple, visual and powerful.

Emulsion 4 - These amazing actions bring the closest thing to the darkroom-style platinum and cyanotype and chemical tinting. You can’t get a look like this with presets, but the legendary Signature Emulsion pack makes authentic darkroom like toning easy in PS.

BlackRoom - When you want to go further to edit your best black and white, BlackRoom makes advanced atmospheric BW in Photoshop easy and fun. It builds amazing conversion that for fine art black and white that can be mixed, stacked and infinitely controlled.

Nitty Gritty -  This action collection makes artistic looks and details magical. From amazing high depth effects to illustrative and portrait tools, it rounds off our actions by giving to a set dedicated to epic creative looks. Go beyond the edits of Alchemist with details, paints and more.

Sharpist - Finish with sharp vivid detail, SHARPist Photoshop actions give you quick results. A series of amazing sharpening combo tools that can be mixed and adjusted easily for prefect results in print or on screen.

Naked Darkroom - The stunning collection of amazing textures and darkroom borders. Made from real surfaces, negatives, and wet plates and all made easy with the amazing Naked Darkroom actions.

Photoshop FAST - Intimated by  Photoshop? This workshop that teaches you how to use Photoshop in just 4 hours. By this time tomorrow you'll be editing, using actions for advanced retouching and even pixel painting. 

Black and white presets - B&W Photoshop Actions 2022

Improve | Fully Downloadable Master Photography Workshops

Exposed Gavin's award winning master-class that teaches you everything you need to know to master light. From the Zones system, to metering and more importantly understanding what makes light work. That's why Exposed won the coveted Hot One Award from PPA!

Photo Perfect - Knowing light is not enough. You need space, position and line. You need composition! Photo Perfect is the Gavin's second Master-class. Go a journey of thousands of miles as we explore what makes the perfect photo.

Belladonna lightroom and capture on presets and styles

Retouching Magic - Gavin's original retouching workshop focuses on giving you the skills for high level cloning, pixel painting and retouching in Photoshop. When you're done you'll be a little more of a painter with light and have the skills to editing for photos with a new level of refinement.

Belladonna lightroom and capture on presets and styles

Super Workflow - Where Sliders teaches you a deeper edit, Super Workflow shows you how to do everything fast. It's a course you can finish in an afternoon that will save you countless hours in the editing room as you master the grid edit, learn better batch edits and work FAST!

Photoshop FAST - Gavin's new 2022 workshop that teaches you how to use Photoshop in just 4 hours. By this time tomorrow you'll be editing, using included actions for advanced retouching and even pixel painting. This game changing workshop will demystify the magic Photoshop.

Sliders - This is a class about understanding what your sliders do and the making nuances of deep editing easy. It mostly takes place in Lightroom but the principles will apply to nearly any RAW-style image editor.

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Welcome to the LIght Tribe

I'm Gavin Seim. I was born in WA and started studying photography in 1997. I started working as a pro (using that word loosely because I sucked) using film at age 16. It was no nearly so easy to find training then. Sometimes I beat my head against the wall until I figured stuff out.

As digital dawned I went all in. I studied with masters like Ken Whitmire. In 09 I founded the Pro Photo Show podcast. I started promoting tone-focused editing. When Lightroom arrived, I started developing tools to make editing and workflow better.

20 years of study and photography around the country earned me a Master of Photography (M.Photog) from PPA. I got to see my workshops and tools featured in publications across the industry. Once I even won the prestigious HotOne award for my "EXposed" light and tone workshop.

Wanting something calmer, I moved to Mexico in 2017. It's a land of magical light. I'm here now exploring light and trying to master my weak areas. I make videos of that for my YouTube channel, sharing what I learn. I hope you'll stick around and be part of Light Hunters Tribe... Gav

Gavin Seim