Epic retouching made simple: Alchemist 1 combined professional creativity and fast vertical layers and stunning effects for Photoshop. Alchemist 2 elevates retouching with four action sets in one epic system. Amazing frequency-based skin effects and endless looks that will take your images from good to amazing. Stunning retouching of portraits landscapes and urban environments.

  • NEW: Skin Toolbox, fast epic  portrait retouching
  • NEW: Nature Toolbox. Refine images into national wonders
  • NEW: Remastered one click effects more versatile than ever
  • NEW: Improved Light overlays magical color painting
  • NEW: Detail brushes for perfect eyes, lips teeth and more
  • Improved: vertical editing. Stack effects with ease
  • The ultimate PS retouching collection, GUARANTEED!


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Works in Adobe Photoshop English CS5-CC

The ultimate PS combo. Alchemist 2 with Lumist 2 (Expand for details)

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Alchemist 2 Actions
Lumist 2 Actions

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Incredible Photoshop retouching made fast and simple!

Fast, flawless retouching; what comes after RAW? Raw process is great, but you know that once you finish your RAW process, a great pixel edit is the best way to finish the job. Alchemist 2 makes it easy. It takes the guess work and wasted time out of it, allowing to you quickly apply finishing effects, glows, color and details vertically and non-destructively.
Control Everything: Brushes, retouching. color overlays and details are usually a massive project for photographers. Alchemist 2 makes it really easy with a pile of game-changing building blocks that give you the mood you need fast. You can add rays of sunlight, green to the foliage or golden beauty to sunsets with just a few quick clicks.

One Click WOW: Epic one click effects that started in our action packs over a decade ago. Now in Alchemist 2 one clicks from portrait glows to landscape color enhancers and dozens of amazing effects are a click away. Apply a single great look, use it as is or mix the instantly created layers for truly endless combinations in your own style.

Upgrade to Version 2:

If you use Alchemist 1, version 2 is going to elevate your retouching again with refined tools, new effects and amazing subtle, stackable looks. Use your coupon code and upgrade to version 2 today.

Retouching perfected

Alchemist will save experienced Photoshop users countless hours, but it’s also great for photographers who use Lightroom or other RAW processing and are reluctant to go into Photoshop. It brings simple, deep retouching that picks up where Lightroom leaves off. No matter what you shoot or how you edit, Alchemist 2 has your back.

Years ago, it all started here at Seim Effects with our Hollywood Effects and Creative Essentials actions. They were loved by photographers all around the world, and then Alchemist took those ideas and made them better, faster and easier. Gone are the days of flattening an image to add a new look. Alchemist 2 takes that even higher. We took the best of our previous collection and made them better with superior effects and more retouching tools that make advanced edits easier than you ever thought possible.

This collection was years in the making. We kept coming back, working on new tools, tinkering for a new approach on actions that had the smooth feel of the Lightroom workflow and the power and pixel control that Photoshop offered. We realized that good tools are not enough. They have to be fluid. Most actions have to start from flat images, or throw away layers in the process. Alchemist 2 improved from version 1’s idea of truly stackable actions. Move to the top of the stack and run any Alchemist 2 tool, and let the magic begin.




I love your actions.

Harold Dunn

Happy as a clam!

I purchased a few days ago and am happy as a clam.

Vicki Yeates

The Best

Ready to get rid of all other actions. They just seem in the way!

Sam Collins

Nice work!

Gavin Very nicely done. I am a stickler when it comes to PS actions and as many of us know most are junk. But these are great. Nice work man. Love it. Will be writing about these soon.

Jake McCluskey


I have the actions and they are sensational. Every product that I have purchased from you from workshops, actions, and presets have been top flight! Sorry you have to deal with narcissistic pseudointellectuals who complain about your products when they have never used them.

Michael Brown


Gavin, these are wonderful. I was so impressed with Lumist that I had to get Alchemist too. I use both sets every time I work in Photoshop. They make good images even better. I'm amazed at what these sets can do. Recently I used the Pura skin brush to take some extra wrinkles out of clothing. Works great on everything! Alchemy eyes and the tooth brush also have many interesting uses. These are fantastic tools!

Kimberly Gordon

Alchemist 2 quick start guide:

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