Your darkroom chemicals arrived!

I'm Gavin and Emulsion 4 is the Photoshop chemical emulsion action kit. Create iconic B&W using authentic darkroom looks like Platinum, Cyanotype, Collodion and Selenium. It started when I discovered platinum prints and said... "I'm going to make that for digital." And I did. Watch the video and I'll show you how it works.


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Emulsion includes all 4 signature chemical tones, the brand new toning system, plus all the mods and fast tools. You're ready to create artisan black and white tints in Photoshop.

Whether you start with a color image or convert to black and white first. You'll get that the iconic look of Platinum, Selenium, Cyan and more - It works in PS CS5 - CC.

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I get this question a lot. Each of my B&W tools works alone, or as a system for photographers who want to take command and improve every level of their BW process without plugin limitations and with true artisan quality.

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Silver 4: A lot of my users start here. Fast rich BW conversions in LR, PS-RAW or C1. Use Silver for editing single images or groups with fast tone-rich results using the BW preset system that started it all.

BlackRoom: Create complex but easy atmospheric edits and deeper conversions that make your best photos better. This action system for Photoshop comes for 10 years of building allowing next level conversions.

Emulsion 4: The crown in your black and white finishing, Emulate chemical darkroom tones like Platinum and Cyanotype like no other tool can do. The perfect BW  darkroom for natural hues and tints  Photoshop.

Get all 3, the Trifecta Bundle - $297 Save 40%


Do I know you? Gavin Seim is a Photographer, YouTuber, and explorer who Started photography at age 12. Now a PPA Master photographer and Hot-One Photo award winner for his EXposed workshop. He was the host of ProPhotoShow podcast and published throughout the photography industry.

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Gavin has been creating professional photo tools and workshops for over 15 years. He started the Pro Photo Show Podcast in 2007 to help photographers create better.

As the first to create Lightroom presets for pros, Gavin's been Featured in Publications like Click, Professional Photographer Magazine and many others. Every product is guaranteed so you can grow your photography risk-free.

I just want to say, your signature effect is amazing


What's new in Emulsion 4

  • All  improved emulsions. - Platinum, Cyanotype, Wet Plate and the new Selenium Bath.. 
  •  New tinting based on darkroom samples. Use any emulsion as is, or adjust with fast new master controls
  • Re-Mix. - Try variants, switch between looks non destructively or combine them up the new V4 edit group. 
  • Natural water staining and improved seamless textures.
  • Instant mods mods let you adjust fast as your chemical adapts on the fly.
  • Combine chemicals! The V4 process lets you add one look, then mix in more for chemical magic.
  • LIVE Zone map lets you see your light!
  • Works in Photoshop CS5-CC

What Emulsion users are saying...

Switch tones, create advanced atmosphere, thin your bath, re-mix.

I took this photo and did 8 different chemical edits in a couple minutes. Every emulsion and tone you apply in Emulsion 4 has an out-of-the-box look. Then you can insanity adjust tint intensity with the intelligent master tint layer. Or mix it with gold dust mods, and other instant layers. Or do a re-mix with 1-click. Even real paper and texture that uses select seamless variants from Naked Darkroom.

In version 4 everything is simple - Run the master action and get the Classic Platinum look. Switch it to any of the other tones, or you can mix them up to create a more complex atmosphere. Don't like what you see, with a click you can reset and keep playing.  Emulsion 4 lets you tone and mix without limits as if you have the actual chemicals in your own darkroom.

Perfect folios and prints

With modern digital prints, we can have true monochrome. But that can be sterile. In the real darkroom, different chemicals produced different tones, shadows, and complexity. Emulsion 4 re-creates that.

If you only want pure monochrome my BlackRoom system is perfect. But if you want black and white that goes further... Rich natural chemical tones that are created from the darkroom, Emulsion is your new favorite tool.

Emulsion 4 is based intense study of each early chemical mixes. Whether tones and details of a wet plate. The classic ratios of a Selenium bath. The dimension shadows created in the Platinum and Pallidum process.

Color grading and RAW split toning can't hold a candle to this. Emulsion 4 creates an atmosphere and authentic tone. Because you want to give the most authentic result possible in digital processing.


They rock!

I very much like your pre-sets and actions. They rock!

Michael Messina

This is the look I have been looking for. Thank you.

Richard Man

I especially like the Platinum look. It's so great, I converted the results of the action into a LUT. What's missing? A nice sepia tone.

Glenn Mitchell

quite pleased...

I am quite pleased with the results. Thank You Gavin.

Ernst Ulrich Schafer

Love it. Takes a bit of getting used to. Almost darkroom, but not quite

Kerry Blakeney-williams

I just bought the package and tried it with one of my photos and the results are pretty amazing.

Andreas Heuer

I just tried the Platinum action on scanned 4x5 images

I just tried the Platinum action on scanned 4x5 images, and it looks gorgeous on-screen and printed on Japanese Washi paper. This is the look I have been looking for. Thank you.

Richard Man

Your iconic platinum has arrived!

The deep 3-dimensional richness of Platinum and other early era toning is not easy to replicate. So Emulsion 4 uses the power of Photoshop and now with a gradient mask toning. It makes tones rich, intelligent and adaptable for every tone in your photo, in real-time. You simply run the action and it gives you all the control you want with no secrets.

They came from the darkroom.

Every look in version 4 system has more authentic darkroom tones sampled from real chemical prints. Thanks to the master tone layer, inspired by the Gradient Mask system of BlackRoom. In fact, Emulsion 4 works great alongside BlackRoom. It even includes the Live tone map from Lumist 2 give you real feedback on what's happening with your light. Use Emulsion 4 by itself, or use it beside our other action packs with smooth integration. 

Advanced edits, even if you don’t know Photoshop!

Emulsion eliminates the limitations and slowdown of a plugin. It uses Photoshops native tools to master your photo fast. Emulsion 4 builds everything with a click. Then you can just it as needed and add mods like tone and variants with another click. Even paper textures and water stains are easy. Emulsion 4 adds the included seamless textures. Because selections from the Naked Darkroom texture pack are integrated into the actions.

See it - Watch the Emulsion 4 Video Workshop HERE!


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Who is Seim?

I'm Gavin Seim and I started studying photography in 1997.

As digital arrived, I went all in. I got to study with masters like Ken Whitmire. In 2009 I founded the Pro Photo Show podcast and eventually my YouTube channel. I started creating the professional developing presets when Lightroom V1 launched. Then Capture One Styles, Photoshop Actions and photography courses.

20+ years in the trenches earned me a Masters (M.Photog) from PPA. I've been featured, won a few awards and now I live in Mexico exploring the magical light of the South while creating new tools and searching for shadows.

You're rightly skeptical on online photography tools in a market filled with junk. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee every tool and workshops 100% with a 31 day No-Regrets Guarantee!  

There's lots of videos and free stuff on the blog too. Look around. If you have questions I'm here to help, just send me a message | Gavin Seim

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