Like many of you, I became obsessed with the magic of B&W because it's so much more than desaturating a photo. My black and white tools like Silver 4 help us get the feel of the darkroom. But I wanted more than what is possible with a RAW edit! Emulsion3 combined years of PS study to create the  timeless look of Platinum, Cyanotype, and now Wet Plate for early era emulsions that emulate hand tools and chemicals like nothing else can do.

Digital Platinum, Cyanotype, Wet Plate!

  • Version 3.2, years of refinement made even better.
  • Each emulsion ultra refined for more natural toning.
  • NEW Wet Plate look for the amazing feel of the 1800's
  • NEW Textures for water plates, papers and more.
  • NEW 3D-Toning changes the mix as you blend tones.
  • Includes Gavs classic Black and white action.
  • Seim 31 day IRON Guarantee
  • Works in Photoshop CS6-CC

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3 Dimensional Chemical Toning

The reason Signature Emulsion has always been so impressive goes back to the very first version which only had the Platinum effect. We took complex layer building and tone separation using masks to give a rich complex look that's  not possible in RAW software like LR. Then we made it simple.

In V3 we've taken that further with dynamic luminosity masked 3D tones. Adjust the base layers and tone curves, and the tints alter in real time to give you a different mix and a more darkroom like result.

Platinum, Wet Plate, Cyanotype

These looks were are hard to achieve on digital until now. But these actions give you epic emulsion and then let you control every aspect of the result.

V3  brings amazing update to the Platinum and Cyanotype looks as well as the epic new wet plate look inspired by the classic celluloid processes of the past for a rich, ultra detailed look that takes you back to the roots of great photography.

Cyanotype effect photoshop Emulsion 3

Integrated Texture tools!

Textures are a pain because you're always going to find files and then deciding how to overlay them.

In Emulsion 3 we made that better with classic papers and chemical inspired textures that can be instantly added on top of your emulsion effect thanks to our new seamless texture patterns that are included in Emulsion 3. Add a texture on top of your effects at any time and have an instant overlay while retaining total control.

Richard Man

This is the look I have been looking for. Thank you.

Andreas Heuer

I just bought the package and tried it with one of my photos and the results are pretty amazing.

Glenn Mitchell

I especially like the Platinum look. It's so great, I converted the results of the action into a LUT. What's missing? A nice sepia tone.

Watch the Signature Emulsion 3 Workshop...

Try them out!

With the way you can mix tones and layers in Emulsion 3 the possibilities for your chemical inspired romance are endless. Here's a few examples and when you're ready order Emulsion 3 without worry since we have a 31 day guarantee!


The Seim 100% Iron 31 day guarantee

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Its' a saturated industry and With everyone "Pro Photo Tools" these days, why buy Seim. You're rightly skeptical about new tools and most companies offer little to no guarantee. But I'm confident Seim products being tools you’ll use and love. So, buy any one of our products and try them for 7 days; if after that you feel dissatisfied, send me an email any time within 31 days of your purchase and let me know the problem. I'll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money. It's my IRON guarantee.

Who is this Seim Guy?

Gavin Seim was born in Washington State and started studying photography in 1997 and begin working professionally using film at age 16. As digital dawned, Gavin studied with masters like Ken Whitmire and in 2009 founded the Pro Photo Show podcast, became a pioneer in digital editing and instruction. With the launch of Lightroom V1, he started developing tools for professionals. Gavin photographed around the USA and earned a Master of Photography (M.Photog) from PPA. His workshops and tools have been featured in publications across the industry and he was given the prestigious HotOne award for his "EXposed" Master Class on Zones and light. Gavin now lives in Mexico, the land of magical light making photos and videos, creating content for his Youtube channel, and designing tools and classes to make photographers successful.

Gavin Seim

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