"Go into the bathroom, no camera" He told me! After 15 years, I saw in the dark...

Shadow Hackers LIVE

With Gavin Seim. First Saturday Workshop Ever

Sat June 17th | 11AM CST (UTC-6)

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Loved this

Thanks, Gavin. Loved this and I think I need to go and watch Exposed again.

Richard Barron

Are You ready to see in the dark!

You may be thinking. "Ugh, another crappy online photo webinar about things I already know!" -- It' not I promise. I know because I've been doing this for 20 years and no one ever taught me what I'm about share with you.

Have you ever taken a great photo but not know why it worked so well. Or took a shot and expected a great photo, only to be disappointed? I count count how many times that happened to me. But that doesn't to happen anymore!

I'm Gavin Seim, Master photographer, YouTuber and host of the Pro Photography Podcast. It was the early 2000's when digital blew up. I realized that to survive in photography, I has to stand out. I traveled, I paid for classes. I created a podcast and studied with the top photographers. I wanted to become a Master of Photography and when I finally did in 2017, I realized that was just the start. Years later I saw my fellow masters were not even talking about the this. 

So I went deeper and I simplified it...

The system Photo schools won't teach you...

This story may sound dramatic, but honestly it was! You may be where I was 15 years ago. You may be newer, or more advanced. But you're here because you want to be BETTER! It took me so many years advanced photography study to discover what I'm about to share. Because no one today is teaching it and I realized that had to change.

You'll learn to see the dark and hack shadows...

  • Cameras don't tell you the "right exposure".  Here's how you do it!
  • The secret to dramatic photos is NOT actually light and this is why!
  • Easily combine art and science to instantly improve your photography!

Your photo knowledge will get a huge upgrade.

The reason is because most photo teachers don't know this, so they don't teach this way. 

Back then I was digging in every corner trying to improve faster an understand more. Have you ever felt that way? Like you're missing a link to something important, but you're so close so you keep looking. Finding the information was not as easy in those days and it's surprisingly hard even with the internet.

Most tips, video and workshops all say the same stuff. And they don't include this.

When I started grasping bits of this I was blown away. I called my friend who was a long time rep for a major camera brand and said... why did no one tell me this It felt so strange because I would never see light and shadow the same again. I was pacing around my studying looking at best and out the window and all I could see was the movement of light and shadow. 

It felt so simple and logical that it was frightening. And that was the year I started documenting and trying to make it simple. The next year I started filming the award winning Exposed workshops. But the process was not complete. Over a decade later, I've made this class to make it simple for you!

If everyone knew, we would not have a job!

This workshop for photographers who want to excel in any category. The awards I won from searching for these techniques were nothing, compared to what I learned along  the way and have spent more years trying to simplify. These 3 secrets finally made me understand why some photos fail , and others other are emotional and AMAZING. 

I remember discovering something early one early on, standing in the window of my studio. I asked my friend

"Why did no one tell me this about photography?"

He laughed and said... "They don't teach that stuff anymore!

I needed to understand secrets of the masters that they never complied into one course. Techniques to get great photos every day, not just when things go perfectly. No tool or software makes you a great photographer. Knowing how top use them right does.

I started shooting large format film. I was understanding tones, the truth about light meters and finally the truth about SHADOW. It changed everything and pushed me to become a PPA Master Photographer and create my HotOne award winning Exposed workshop. But it was not enough.

Now it's 2022 and photographers are still not being taught this. We're going to change that toghethor. I've compressed this into a LIVE workshop that makes the 3 secrets of shadow hacking simple and challenges everything you know. And once  you know. You will spread it.

I came back to my mentor, the legendary Whitmore and said. 

"This changes everything. I don't know if I can see normally again"

Ken laughed because to him it was normal. The man that had given me only the film holders to a 4x5 camera and told me to go sit in the bathroom. He didn't think about it like this because it was normal. I said...

"You know it Ken, but photography is not taught this way anymore!"

Loved it

Loved it... Appreciate the workshop and your time Gavin

Paul Larson

Sign up FREE...

A LIVE workshop, not another marketing replay!

I started with film in the 90's. There was no redo button. But really I was was part of the digital generation. So when I saw these keys I went to work creating a method to bring what only the best of the film photographers knew, combine it with the study and emotion of what we inherited from the painters and make a simple formula works equally well for digital. 

If you listen. This will change your photography faster than you ever thought possible. I'm going to show you, for free. 

This is a real LIVE class not an automated webinar. There will never be another just like it. The class will be 70-80 minutes and there no re-play. So set your calendar.

I can't wait to see you there. Gavin Seim

I'm Gavin Seim. I'm a Shadow Hunter

I started photography in 1997 at age 12. I'm a PPA Master, Hot One and Loan Collection winner and Lightroom expert. My images, tools and workshops have been featured in books and publications throughout the industry.

I was born in WA USA. I started working pro (using that word loosely as I sucked) using film at age 16. It was not easy to find training then and often I beat my head against the wall to win. 20+ years in the trenches earned me my Masters (M.Photog) from PPA but it taught me there's a lot more to learn.

Wanting something calmer, I moved to Mexico in 2017, exploring the magical light of the South while creating new tools and workshops as well as video and the Pro Photography Podcast.

You're rightly skeptical of photography tools in today's market. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee each tool and workshop with my 31 day No-Regrets Guarantee! There's lots of videos, podcasts and free things here. So look around and if you have questions I'm here to help -- 
Gavin Seim

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  • Contact me: effects@seimstudios.com or text message, 509-951-4860

Gavin Seim

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