My Black and White presets let you create better black and white using Silver formulas! Watch the video and I'll show you.

I'm Gavin - The Silver project started in 2010. I love black and white, but there was a lack of refined black and white presets. I wanted great processing formulas to make better black and white. So I created a native system that was stronger than plugins. I spent years refining the black and white formulas that unlock the beauty of Silver.

Imagine browsing over a hundred hours of editing choices in 15 seconds!
That's what quality black and white presets do for you.

Once you use the formulas and refinement that have gone into creating  Silver 4. It becomes your go-to tool. Native tools work in your software without extra plugins or mods. Silver 4 is a collection of native tools. Formulated using every develop tool hiding inside Lightroom, Camera RAW, and Capture. They make complex, easy.

A good editing system makes you more creative because you spend less time in the editing void.  IN my journey to create the best black and white presets, I learned that good formula are everything. Silver 4 leverages that to create powerful formulas that are better than plugins.

There are a lot of styles and tools for black and white now. So I get why people are skeptical of their value. But there's nothing like Silver 4. They're guaranteed because they work. Create better black and white naturally and get better results in less time.

Get Silver 4 Now...        

Save $20 Now: $89 $69

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- Presets for LR Classic, Mobile and LR6 Legacy -
- Complete Capture One Styles pack -

- Legendary Seim support -

100% Iron Guarantee + Free Updates 

31-day Iron Guarantee:

A lot of tools bait you into a purchase, then don't preform as advertised, your out of luck. Gavin designs and stands behind every Seim product 100% Purchase any Seim product and just try it for 7 days. If after that you are dissatisfied, send us an email within the 31 days of purchase and let us know the problem. We’ll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money. Whichever you decide.

Free Updates:
We're passionate about great tools and always listening. In version dot updates are always free as we refine the product for you. When a whole new version arrives, existing users are also given a 50% off upgrade price.

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Silver4: A lot of our users start here. Fast rich BW conversions in from bold and contrast to the delicious new filmic looks in V4. Use Silver for editing single images or groups with fast tone-rich results.

Bella 2: My portrait and color mix collection is a go-to pack for those who want rich color in portraits and on the streets. These classy formulas go to the next level, inspired by film but limited only your imagination.

Filmist: The crown jewel of my film looks. Filmist has everything from classic colors films to black and white emulsions meant to look like their film counterparts. Plus it includes grain, noise and detail tools that will bring your final result to life.

 Save with this bundle of my popular edit packs. Includes both LR and C1 versions.

Each of my tool packs works by itself, or as a system for those who want to take command of every level of their edit, without plugins, with you in control! BUILD your own bundle and save 15% on any 2 or more packs when you enter cart code: BUNDLE

Start creating better Black & White with Silver 4 right now!
Silver 4 - for LR6-CC > LR Web/Mobile > PS Camera RAW > Capture 1 || Mac or Windows

  • Black and white presets for Lightroom and Photoshop + Styles for Capture One. 
  • 80+ Non Destructive B&W formulas that work instantly on your original files!
  • Rebuilt and deep tested with all new presets that work on any photo!
  • One Clicks: From dramatic black and white presets to darkroom like atmosphere.
  • Filmic Silver: A new collection darkroom inspired concept films, included.
  • Power Curves: Tested and refined tone mixes, inspired by Zones. Smooth, perfect.
  • Color tints: Making silver hues better of the latest LR and C1 colors tools.
  • Fast mods: Quickly add grain, tone mixes for subtle refinements.
  • 4.5 brings amazingly fast detail, noise and grain tools that feel like film.

My free black and white presets for Lightroom and Capture One
Download Silver 4 Mini

Silver 4 presets give you rich B&W that feels like the darkroom.

My mentor taught me before he died that tone is the most misunderstood element in photography. Like me, you probably love black and white because it returns us to our roots and to the light. Silver 4 is about helping you unfold that light. Built to let you make YOUR look faster.

Silver 4 presets for black and white allow you to bring light to your monochrome photos. Black and white makes us more intimate with light. So I created Silver 4 presets to use every native tools, slider and trick that I've discovered from over a decade of testing.

ONE click formulas: One clicks make the perfect Black and White without leaving Lightroom. These Silver 4  auto and fast conversions get you where you need to go quickly for workflow and batch. Then use mods to mix it up.

Filmic Silver: In our Filmist collection we emulated classic films. In Silver 4 we dared to do more with a huge new category of darkroom inspired concept films that should have existed and will take you back to the darkroom.

Easy Mods: Those  adjustments can really make your image explode. Make infinite combinations FAST with a revised MOD tools that allow you to tweak ONLY the elements you want like tone, tinting or grain.

Silver 4 Hands on Videos.
Watch this Quick Start or Watch the Full Workshop.

Reviews of Silver presets...


50 bucks I have spent in a while...

For the critics here, have you ever tried these presets, if you have not then maybe you should before you comment! Best 50 bucks I have spent in a while, but maybe I'm a dummy.

Ian Kydd


I LOVE SILVER 4... I feel that your C1 styles give me a really professional look. The hardest part of using them is deciding which "film" to use.

Elissa Dellosso

"I am in LOVE with the ease and versatility of this set, Gavin! Thanks so much for the LR4 version."

Troy D Davidson

Love this new version...

Love this new version----it is subtly different!!!! Genius!!

Bill Polkinhorn

These presets have become an integral part of my B&W workflow.

Jay Taylor

definitely the best money I've spent

I just downloaded Silver Shadows and it is definitely the best money I've spent on presets in a very, very long time! Thank you!

Lisa Cahill Bolinger

Silver Shadows is awesome

Silver Shadows is awesome. I use them more than Nik Silver Efex now.

John Francis - Owner


Just bought the pack. Simply amazing. I just bought a Leica M10M and using your tools it really comes to life.

Luis Uriza

I am very pleased so far...

Bought it today and gave it a try for a couple of hours - have to say I am very pleased so far. Great starting point.

Gert Sørensen

excellent and will save a great deal of time.

Many thanks for the presets, they are excellent and will save a great deal of time. I've used several others but most need so much tinkering I might as well start from scratch

Ian Thompson - Owner

These presets are amazing. All of Gavin's work and products are superb.

Sam Mike

Love the color fantasies as much as the Silver Shadows 2.0. Thanks Gavin Seim for great presets

Gokhan Cukurova

Again Seim Effects delivers! - Well done Gav - Fab set.

Gary Mailer


Just downloaded... the presets are spectacular... thank you!

Sidney Clark

You will quickly find great B&W edits...

These are the first actions I ever purchased for LR I used them today several times and I must say I am really impressed. I have NIK and a few other B&W programs for PS but these are really well made and if you follow the training video you will quickly find great B&W edits to start with saving lots of time then you just tweak them to your taste and style.

Paul Seymour

Gavin, SS 2 is fantastic.

Paul Donihue

Gavin, your black and white presets are amazing! I just edited a few hundred images using them and I love the rich, bold balance it gives to my images. With your presets my images are now taken to a new level that is bound to get the attention of new clients!

Michael Anderson

Silver Shadows 2 goes toe-to-toe with Nik’s Silver Efex Pro and emerges unscathed. The ability to work completely within Lightroom with the tools you already are familiar with is worth adding to every workflow.

Jim Haverstock - Owner

"Your monochrome set is the best out there"


Monochromatix absolutely rocks! Hardly used Nik Silver Efex since I got them!


very satisfied...

Use Filmist and Silver right now and am very satisfied.

Edwin de Groot

Seim put a lot of thought into these presets

It's clear Seim put a lot of thought into these presets.

Professional Photographer Magazine - Publisher
Have a question? Just send me a message - Service is free here! 
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Have a question? Just send me a message - Service is free here! 
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What makes Seim products different?

Everything here is created by a Master photographer, not a marketing agency!

When you use good formulas and craft tools, you create better results because you waste less time. A lot of people diss tools like mine because they say they only use their own recipes.

That's like saying you should only use one film because you need to create everything yourself. Or that it's cheating to use your special lens because it gives you THAT look. Professional photographers use Seim tools. Why? Because they make you more creative and give you more control, guaranteed!

As a PPA Master Photographer, I'm always challenging myself to create better. That's how every tool I make starts out. With a hunt for better edits for my Light Tribe community.

You're rightly skeptical. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee my tools and workshops and I'm confident my products they will become the ones you use and love.

Buy any of my products and try them for 7 days. if after that you feel dissatisfied, send me an email any time within 31 days of your purchase and let me know the problem. I'll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money

Gavin Seim

I'm Gavin Seim :)

Glad you're here.

I'm from WA State USA and started studying photography in 97. I started work as a pro (using that word loosely because I sucked) using film at age 16. I learned fast but was not as easy to find training then. Sometimes I just beat my head against the wall until I figured stuff out.

As digital came, I went all in and got to study with masters like Ken Whitmire. In 2009 I founded the Pro Photo Show podcast. I started promoting tone-focused editing and when Lightroom arrived, I started developing presets, Styles, Photoshop Actions and photo courses to make editing and workflow easier.

20 years of study and photography in the trenches earned me a Master of Photography (M.Photog) from PPA. I got to see my workshops and tools featured in publications across the industry. Once I even won the prestigious HotOne award for my "EXposed" light and tone workshop. But I learned a degree means nothing, results are what count.

Wanting something calmer, I moved to Mexico with my family in 2017. It's a land of magical light. I'm here now exploring light and trying to master my weak areas. I make videos of that for my Light Tribe YouTube channel, sharing what I learn. 

I hope you'll stick around and be part of Light Tribe... Gavin Seim

Gavin Seim

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