You are an excellent teacher who understands Lightroom/Photoshop better than most. In my experience, most presets are a true waste of time. Purchasing from you is purchasing from the source and from the “guy” who has put his heart and soul into delivering a superior product that works!

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Let me tell you upfront. My product return rate is less than 1%. But I've been teaching photography for 20 years and I know a lot of tools get you to buy, then don't perform.

So I stand behind every product 100% Buy anything and try it for 7 days. If after that you're dissatisfied, send me an email within 31 days of purchase. Let me know the problem and I’ll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money. Whatever you decide.

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I'm always improving my products. Dot updates are always free. When a totally new full version arrives, you always get a 50% off upgrade price. When you buy my packs, your tools get better for free!

Discover the Magic Hour in Every Photo.

Creating recipes, Lightroom Presets and C1 styles for nearly two decades. I saw the magical autumn and filmic sunsets that happen in any climate at any time of year. So I built a presets pack to channel that magic with Autumn and Amber.

  • 28 Slider balanced Recipes adjust instantly
  • A perfect focus pack for shadow hunters.
  • NEW Fast-Slide Mods for super remixing.
  • 100% Guaranteed and Free support.
  • For LR6 to LR6, PS-RAW, Capture One

Get the Focus Pack combo bundle to Save

Get all 3 focus preset packs and SAVE $59 (see more bundles)

Gold-Chrome: The ultimate gold tone editing kit retrains delicate color will giving you emotional warm tones. Add some gold to your life.

Street'ist. My big focus pack dedicated to perfect color street photos that stand apart. But they also work on a ton of other photos..

Autumn and Amber: Get the magic that makes us all sigh in the fall. A&M brings shadow rich edits design to be tuned up and down.

Not just Autumn. It's the east magic hour!

While internet marketers try to make huge preset packs that master nothing. I'm doing the opposite. Testing every recipe to help create a prefect tonality in your shoot with master grade presets. You choose the perfect mix and atmosphere.

Autumn and Amber  represents a new generation  of presets. But every look is inspired by our best recipes in editing RAW. Because we've been doing this so long, each pack and each  free update brings more than came before it.

My focus packs like this and Gold Chrome are ultra refines. They self explain and don't need categories or a lot of mods. You simply use them. You find your shoots style and really make it iconic. They let you discover more with every project.

Autumn Inspired, amazing all year around.

Years ago I did a seasonal pack a few times called Autumn Light. I wanted to build off that but in a way that was not just Fall colors that that channeled the magic hour feel of Autumn and the light and shadow it inspires.

Transform these recipes in any way you want.

My latest recipe process includes creating presets to hold  when adjusted up or down using the Lightroom strength slider or Capture Ones layer and opacity powers. Take stunning recipes of color and shadow and use them however you want.

See things you would never arrive at!

As a Master photographer and instructor of Shadow Hacking I know that digital has taught us to push basic sliders to far while ignoring the others. Packs like Autumn and Amber bring recipes that were discovered over years. Curves, shadows, hues. You simply could  find these in a one off manual edit, but they become all yours as you apply and adjust them.

BUY - Autumn and Amber Instant DL

I'm Gavin Seim. I'm a Shadow Hunter

I started photography in 1997 at age 12. I'm a PPA Master, Hot One and Loan Collection winner and Lightroom expert. My images, tools and workshops have been featured in books and throughout the industry.

I was born in WA USA. I started working pro (using that word loosely as I sucked) using film at age 16. It was not easy to find training then and often I beat my head against the wall to win. 20+ years in the trenches earned me my Masters (M.Photog) from PPA but it taught me that's just the start.

I moved to Mexico in 2017, exploring the magical light of the South, creating tools and workshops as well as the Pro Photo Podcast. There's lots of videos and free things here. If you have questions I'm here to help

You're rightly skeptical of photography tools in today's market. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee each tool and workshop with my 31 day No-Regrets Guarantee! -- 
Gavin Seim

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Gavin Seim

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