Should you invest in yourself? Get massive results when you Book a Shadow-Boss Hour Coaching Class with Gavin Seim!

Do you struggle in ANY area of your photography that YouTube or Google just has not not resolved? Do you need hands on help? I know I did. So I made this huge opportunity for my tribe!

I'll never forget the first time I invested $1000 in a hands-on workshop. It seemed like a lot of money then, but what I gained from it was worth so much more. When you invest in your personal growth everything changes. 

Are you ready to move past the hurdles holding you back? We all need motivation and accountability for growth. After more than 20 years in Photography as a PPA Certified Master Photographer. I want to help you eliminate the barriers in YOUR photography.

Book now and you get...

- A private 1 Hour Session
- 30 Extra Minutes (90) ($248 value) 
Bonus workshop ($99 Value)
- Download your class ($49 value)

- After class review letter ($99 value)

Actual value $894 
You pay $399 ($485 savings)

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It's YOUR personal workshop and I'm holding nothing back. Come ready to be challenged and energized!

APRIL BONUS Gifts: I'm throwing these in to help you learn faster.

  • Choose any of my download masters workshop for free ($99 value)
  • Extra 30 minutes of class time free ($248 Value)
  • HD Downlead of your workshop. ($49 value)
  • Personal accountability after class review from me to remind and motivate you for the next steps ($99 value)

Cancel the roadblocks - Here's  a few topic ideas...

  • Photoshop, Lightroom or C1 training.
  • Video creation and storytelling
  • Competition grade portfolio review!
  • Shadow and light exploration.
  • Custom priests actions and workflows
  • Branding and sales mastery.
  • Choose whatever topic you need help with.

Is time money? How much is expert coaching to achieve the results you want worth?

Here's what you'll get in your 1 hour private class: You're going to choose you topic that you want rapid growth in and I'm going to give you the training opportunities to grow fast. You're going to learn, transform your perspective and get fresh inspiration.

Your session can be on the phone, a zoom call, or a YouTube LIVE depending on you we are learning. You'll be amazed how you can grow and get focused in these sessions and change the course of your photography.

Is it GUARANTEED? This class is going to be so good and I'm confident you won't have any doubts about your investment in your growth. So here's my guarantee to you. If you feel you didn't learn what you wanted in your session, I'll give you another session totally FREE!

Should I be charging more for these? Probably and this opportunity won't last. But I want to give early adopters of my  new coaching program easy access before I raise the cost. You are my tribe and I want you to know you can achieve your goals. Whether they are technical, software, or business goals. Invest in yourself and watch what happens.

I'll see your at your class... Gavin Seim


Coaching Q&A...

When do I get my session?
Once you purchase your session you'll get an email from me so we can schedule your class in the next week or so. You can also select  any instant BONUSES like workshops and I'll send it those right away.

Do I get the BONUS TIME? 
Yes. You'll get 90 minutes instead of 60 automatically so schedule you calendar for the extra.

Follow up support:
Product support is always free here. And I'll be sending you a personal follow up letter  to keep you on track for the goals we will study in your class.

Can I get more time?

Yes, you can add multiple session to you cart for  example if you want a double session. If you want a day workshop however contact me and we'll workshop something out.

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What makes Seim products different?

I'm Gavin Seim and I started studying photography in 1997.

As digital arrived, I went all in. I got to study with masters like Ken Whitmire. In 2009 I founded the Pro Photo Show podcast. I started promoting tone-focused editing, then I started developing presets, Styles, Photoshop Actions and photo courses to make our photography better.

20+ years in the trenches earned me a Masters (M.Photog) from PPA. I've been featured, won a few awards and now I live in Mexico exploring the magical light of the South while creating new tools and searching for shadows.

Everything here is lovingly crafted by a photographer, not a marketing agency! You're rightly skeptical on online photography things. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee every one of my tools and workshops 100% with my 31 day IRON Guarantee!

If you have questions I'm here to help... Gavin Seim

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  • Contact me, or text direct, 509-951-4860