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Master the Magic of Light?

EXposed is the fastest way to understand light! Seim’s international award winning series is changing how photographers shoot in camera. EXposed takes the power of light and makes it what it was meant to be! No matter your experience level, Exposed allows you to truly see light. Master Photographer Gavin Seim takes you on a journey to connect the nuts, bolts and artistry of light.

Portraits – landscape – digital – film, video. It doesn’t matter what you shoot; it isn’t about a fad or new gadget, it’s about mastering your light, your way. It’s like nothing else. It’s foundations of light and an investment that pays for itself, GUARANTEED or your money back!


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Exposure principles from A-Z.
Deep study of light and tone.
Now with Zone Scale tools!
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Demystify the Light.

EXposed takes on light like no workshop has dared to do. Even if you’re a veteran, you’ll connect with how light functions as Seim takes you into dark corners of light and illuminates it with timless techniques.

ZONE Powers.

Take control of your exposure in a way that 99% have not even touched. It’s not new, but few understand it. EXposed makes it simple and shows on how we can use Zones to change everything about our exposures.

Control Every Element.

From tone, to long exposure techniques, visualizing and more. EXposed teaches what nothing else does. No matter your skill level. EXposed will change how you see and make images.

WAY Beyond AUTO.

Take the simple foundations of light by the horns. After EXposed you’ll know what’s happening in front of the lens. Getting out of Auto is easy. But truly understanding light puts you in another class.

Mastering Tone.

Not so much has changed since the darkroom days, but techniques are overlooked. You’ll learn to master tone and refine it with simple burning, dodging and controls that take advantage of every pixel.

Dynamic Range+.

Exposed takes on what seems complex and makes it simple. From the power of ratios to Light direction and tone value. Dynamic range and HDR to the mastering of subtle detail. We cover it all.

– Complete 4 hour AWARD WINNING series.
– Exposure and light principles from A-Z

– Making Exposure Simple.
– Zones & Tones Made Simple.
– True Visualizing.
– Using Light Ratios.
– REALLY seeing the Light
– Dynamic Range.
– Mastering Long Exposures.
– Space, Line and Tone.
– Image Finishing.
– Directing Light.

hot_one_200What do you want to know about light? EVERYTHING! Do you ever struggle getting perfect light? You know what you expect, but the result does not live up to it. EXposed solves that with a hands on study like nothing else in the industry. No matter where you need to improve, Exposed is going to help. It makes EVERY photographer better. Not with magic software or fixing it later, but with history’s best techniques gathered into one powerful series.

Most workshops only offer recipes; but they don’t change how you see. Exposed brings something no photographic workshop has done. It helps you understand how light works. How to control it and how to make it magic. We cringe when people miss out on EXposed because it’s a game changer. It’s the result of decades of techniques developed by master photographers around the world and brought together in one a simple fast workshop.

You CANNOT LOSE with EXposed. That’s why we give you a 100% money back guarantee and get a return rate that’s only a fraction of one percent. But be warned. Once you’re EXposed you never go back.” — Seim


Learn FAST: Unlike recordings of live workshops, Exposed is a production designed to be seen as a video class. It’s not gimmicky or cluttered, it’s timeless information that’s been highly condensed and professionally presented to make it as digestible and flexible. Within a couple hours, you’ll be applying what you’ve learned and adding it to your existing skillset.

The Light! Understanding it’s nuances and having the ability to control it instead of it controlling you, is the key difference between boring snapshots and incredible photographs. – EXposed is the first film that looks at every aspect of how we use light in photography. It’s like no educational course you’ve ever watched.

The Journey: Seim has been studying what makes light tick since age twelve. More than fifteen years later, he’s more passionate than ever. Inspired by the masters, EXposed is a master class on light for all skill levels as we travel around the USA with the Super Camper and a sack of gear. A decade and a half of learning into the most breathtaking study of exposure ever released. Exposed is a workshop that entertains, educates and explores not only at how to photograph light, but how to truly see it.

The Production: EXposed was produced on location as Seim travels around the United States. Often filmed solo, captured live with wireless microphones while making the shot. Sometimes with a small team. Every stitch of was recorded on location. EXposed a labor of love. No matter what your experience level, you’re in for a journey that will challenge everything you thought you knew about light.

Accolades & Awards: EXposed won the coveted Hot One award from Professional Photographers of America in 2013 and has received rave reviews throughout the industry since it’s release. It represents a unique study that builds the foundation of our craft and makes the complex things about light, simple.

See what our customers have to say below:

Entertaining and Educational

Exposed is both entertaining and educational. It is very much a conversational exposé that takes you through all aspects of working a photograph to capture exactly what see in the field

Miacjel Testi


It is 1:17 AM, just finished Ch 1, "Hitting the Road" and I am already intense about the Training. The video quality is absolutely outstanding, and the background music, "America the Beautiful", was a perfect choice and you my friend are inspirational. Love your passion!


Blown Away

Heather and I had the pleasure of getting a copy of Gavin Seim’s latest video workshop “EXposed” and we were totally blown away. We’ve seen so many video workshops lately on everything from lighting, to business, to workflow and what Gavin has put together really stands head and shoulders above so many others in terms of content and quality

Dark Roux Photography


What Tools Do I Need?

Our preset collections work in Lightroom and Camera Raw/Photoshop. Presets are all about applying a look to single or groups of images and being able to do so in a non-destructive manner.

PW6 is geared not only to allow creative combinations but also speed, quick fixes and details like sharpening and grain. It’s our main preset collection and sits perfectly at the top of your go-to Lightroom tools. If you want a toolkit for everything that will help you work faster start with PW6.

Silver 3 is dedicated to amazing black and white. Most people that use Silver don’t need other plugins. It allows for a huge array of processes for black and white that use the color information in your files to make incredible silver looks. That combines with tools for mixing tone, tint and more and allows for endless combinations.

Actions work in Photoshop. Sometimes people get confused about the difference between actions and presets. Presets are one layer deep and the best starting point for general workflow, color and tone corrections. Actions use layers and more advanced tools and can give richer and more finesse retouching. Our actions use vertical editing which means you can run an action with one click and can add more on top to keep advancing your edit. The possibilities are endless. Actions and presets together make the perfect workflow.

Alchemist is our ultra powerful retouching actions. It has everything from skin surface tools and glamour effects to color overlays and sharpening tools. All with an easy to use vertical editing style with layers and groups that can be ticked on and off and altered to give your image a perfect look with infinite combinations. Alchemist will take your retouching to the next level and save you time in the process.

Lumist: These game-changing actions are all about being a master of Light. They allow you to see the types and zones in your image with a click using the Total Map. Then you can select any zone and apply an adjustment manually or use one of the many effects for light, color, and style and apply it to the entire image or just the selected zones. It takes the power of luminosity making but makes it so much more simple, visual and powerful.

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Why is Seim So Qualified?

  • With more than fifteen years of experience behind the lens, Seim is energetic and passionate and known for ultra refined images, attention to detail and bold ideas.
  • Seim’s work has been featured in venues such as Professional Photographer Magazine, Digital Wedding Secrets, leading imaging podcasts, Venue, the PPA Loan Collection and more. Seim has taught for PPA, the International Wall Portrait Conference and many more as is an unusually young veteran to the industry.
  • A Portraitist, Pictorialist and Independent Filmmaker from Washington, Seim he owns a studio that focuses on signature wall art. His studies with photographic legends like Ken Whitmire and has a passion for the masters make his understanding of light completely unique.
  • Seim has made an art and science of light and it’s subtleties with his award winning images. He focuses on heirloom wall portraits and fine art pictorials of America.
  • He’s the man behind Seim Effects Pro Photo Show and PHOTOGRAPHIC School. A dynamo with a rare vision for Raising The Bar.
  • See Seim’s work and read his full bio here.


The Terrace Symphony by Gavin Seim. Zion NP.

The Terrace Symphon, Zion NP – Gavin Seim

POrtraits or anything else, EXposed applies to every image you make because it's all about light.

Felicia’s Fall by Gavin Seim — Portraits or anything else, EXposed applies to every image you make because it’s all about light.