Iron Guarantee

Gavin in the Studio with his Canon 8300. Behind.. Gavin’s Stars of Coldest Night, a 65 inch print on canvas.

Seim Effects IRON Guarantee:

People love Seim tools and his workshops. We think you will too and we back it with our Iron Guarantee. Seim makes tools and techniques he uses in his own work and he is as passionate about his product as the quality of  his own images. He stands behind Seim products and supports them, guaranteed. So if you have ANY questions just give us a call or email,

31 day Guarantee: If you purchase one of our non subscription tools or videos and it’s not working how you expected, send us an email within 31 days of the purchase date and let us know what the problem is. We’ll work to fix your issue, exchange, it or refund your money.


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