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The season of magical light! Every year comes this time when mornings chill, and the golden color streaks and the light fills our imagination. Even in the warm climates, something changes and every photographer feels it. Harvest is a limited edition collection that captures that wonder with color science and tone. Bursting autumn leaves and bold black and white. It’s a preset collection for the Charlie Brown in all of us. Bring the season to light.

  • 50+ presets for every facet of Autumn.
  • Brilliant color, tone & one-click styles.
  • Versatile presets for color and silver.
  • Professional results. Guaranteed.
  • Only available till the end of 2018.
  • Works in: LR & PS Camera Raw on Mac or Win


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Instant Download $69

First Week Launch Deal $29

Works in LR5+ and LR CC and Camera Raw, Mac & Win


Get the power of perfectly crafted presets…

Pure simplicity: Harvest is full to the brim with that rich summer’s end rich feel that you love. Not over the top or goofy, just excellent, rich color and tone that’s backed up by our years of experience and reputation for excellence.
Color, Silver, Magic: You choose. Harvest is preset collection dedicated to capturing the essence of magical light and it does that with stunning color science, beautiful black and white and fine controls and mods that give you the look you need.

Limited Edition Pack: Harvest is a limited edition pack only be available until New Years. It’s a powerful blend of tone and color combining old inspiration and new techniques. The harvest won’t wait, so grab it and make your images shimmer.

Color science meets fun.

Harvest is a preset collection for Adobe Lightroom all about the magical season of Autumn happening all over the world.  From falling leaves to tribal festivals,  Harvest was designed with the magic of the seasons in mind.

Bold, bright colors, tasteful and beautiful black and white and inspiration from long before digital was born. Harvest is a versatile easy to use collection that can be applied and mixed way you like for the most mesmerizing and masterful light.

The most refined presets.

A Master of Photography (M.Photog.) Gavin has been exploring light for more than two decades. Seim creative tools go back to the beginning of Lightroom and beyond. All Seim products designed personally by Gavin with the goal of being second to none. Download Harvest and try it yourself for a week and if you’re not satisfied just let us know why within 30 days and we’ll fix it or give you a full refund. We should warn you, these tools are rock solid and returns are rarely asked for, we just want you to know you can be confident in a company that stands behind our products. See our Guarantee.


















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