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Space, composition, art, history. Dare to challenge everything you know about photography. PHOTOGRAPHICS is a miniseries workshop a year in the making that takes to the road and dares to ask the question, What Makes a Great Photograph? – Then dares to answer it!

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Seim in Arizona during the first Phase of PHOTOGRAPHICS filming. Spring 2013.


Do you love photography, art, what makes it tick and hunting for ways to make your work better? Then PHOTOGRAPHICS for you and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Gavin Seim, a portraitist, pictorialist and producer of the award winning EXposed series is about to take you on a journey of discovery. PHOTOGRAPHICS is the perfect companion to Exposed. No matter which you watch first, this film will challenge you in no film has done by looking deep at art, composition, history and of the nuances that have made the greatest images in history. A journey over highways and byways of America that will change how you see.

From guests like Rodney Lough Jr. and Ken Whitmire, to epic vistas and deep study of what makes images great, we think you’ll agree that PHOTOGRAPHICS is like nothing else — Join an epic American road trip that dares to ask, What Makes a Great Photograph?

What People Are Saying…

“an outstanding video… thought provoking and inspiring” – Paul Wallace

“Great job on Photographics. I love it” – Der Fotograf

“it’s thought-provoking; it’s educational; and most important, it’s inspirational” – Dr. Steven Shepard

“PHOTOGRAPHICS is both entertaining and educational. It is very much a conversational exposé that takes you through all aspects of building a great image.” – Review, BlogCritics

Roads we’ll travel.

- Simple Foundations –

Just like the award winning EXposed series that changed how so many saw light, PHOTOGRAPHICS starts with the essential foundations of what makes an image so we can learn how to make it great.

- Photography’s Amazing History –

There’s a dearth of photographic history talked about in photography and PHOTOGRAPHICS is about to fix that. Gavin’s takes you on an exciting easy to digest journey of where we came from and what it can teach us in our image making.

The Depths of Composition -

From little known compositional concepts that have helped define hundreds of years of art to line, tone and frame, to space and use of the horizon. Experience what makes a perfect composition come alive and learn from the masters of history.

- Where Science Meets Art -

Photography is a science and when we take that side by side with the art and subtleties that make a stunning image we’ll come that much closer to answering the question – What makes a great image?

– The Composition Color –

Color tells it’s own story. It carries on a never ending dance with tone and composition and by looking deeper at color and how it can be used we’ll better understand how to make a great image.

- The Motion of Light -

Motion, real or perceived, alters the way we see an image. We’ll explore how motion is used to convey meaning, direction and depth.

- Space, Position, Line and Tone –

We dig deep into principles that make up and image and learn how to master them to change how we see and make photographs.

- An Epic Journey -

Seim Cinematic Workshops do what nothing else does. Wo don’t just talk about light. We experience it. They take the adventure of knowledge to the open road, working hands-on and experiencing the successes and failure that go along with it. PHOTOGRAPHICS is more than a movie. It’s a journey.

- What Makes a Great Image -

Our goal is not an easy one and we’ll journey thousands of miles and through centuries of knowledge. Our goal is not to define rules, but to understand the guides and help each one of us understand what makes a great image.


Grosvenor Arch Utah Gavin Seim3 Photographics

Working along the way – Gavin is not just talking about how artists have made images through the centuries, he’s making them himself and talking about it along the way – Grosvenor Arch, Utah

Gavin Seim Road Trip Experiance 700x348 Photographics

A grand Road Trip. Gavin will travel over 10,000 miles around America during Photographics, studying light, art and gaining a deeper understand of what makes a great photograph.


Gavin Seim Grand Staircase 700x437 Photographics

Following the highways and byways of America as we see the light. Months on the road, long days, epic adventures.


Series Approx length 3.5 hours, NR – Available formats:

  • Download 720p.
  • Blu-Ray HD/DVD Combo + Download.

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