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Silver Shadows 2 is Black & White : It makes delicate lights and shadows sing. The most refined and complete collection of silver presets available for LR. Precise control of tones, shadows, highlights, and delicate tonality, Silver Shadows 2 is your darkroom.

  • Over 100 organized refined silver tools
  • Mix and match, customize and tweak
  • Stunning conversions without leaving LR
  • Works side by side with other SE presets
  • Works in LR 1-4. Mac or Win
  • Guaranteed quality and service

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“It’s clear Seim put a lot of thought into these presets” Professional Photographer Magazine, March 2012.

“Silver Shadows is awesome. I use them more than Nik Silver Efex now” John F, Catchlight Studios

“Silver Shadows 2 goes toe-to-toe with Nik’s Silver Efex Pro and emerges unscathed.”
Jim Haverstock, Photos On The Go, review.

Gavin Seim on Silver Shadows 2
“The well developed black and white is stunning. It’s not just de-saturation or a quick contrast adjustment. Silver is as subtle and complicated as it’s been for over 150 years. But done perfectly, it sings like nothing else. That’s why Silver Shadows II needed to be like nothing else. I’m passionate about black and white, and I wanted to take digital images and scans and make silver at its best. I’m always studying the nuances and finding new things. SS1 was a good start, but it’s nothing compared to the delicate hand-chiseled granite that makes up SS2. You’re going to love what it can do.” Gavin Seim

You can learn more about Gavin here. You can also view his pictorials here and his portrait work here.

SS2 is carefully organized into categories to help you quickly get what you need. Don’t forget that category names also act as one click “Reset Presets.” They will quickly reset your image to RAW defaults, while leaving your crop and local adjustment details alone. Also, don’t be afraid to mix up different presets or tweak settings yourself after the effect had been applied. The possibilities are endless.

The Categories…
SS2 presets are divided into convenient style-based categories.

0. UTILITIES – 10 Presets.
This is a quick group of essential tools for refining your black and white images. It includes grain tools, vignettes, and quick button for resetting them. Note that grain effects will only work in LR3 and later.

1. SILVER CLASSICS – 16 Presets.
A mix of conversions, these are all designed to be everyday power presets. This is a quick start category with a selection of amazing conversions of a broad variety of images.

2. CHANNEL SILVER – 19 Presets.
All (Cp) presets, the Silver Channels category is a group of luscious effects that leaves non-channel settings entirely alone and mixes well with previously applied effects. See more details below.

3. DYNAMICS SILVER- 14 Presets
These powerful tools tweak the tonalities and dynamic range of an image in various ways. Sometimes bold and sometimes subtle, these presets are carefully crafted to give you control in situations where the light and dynamic range need perfect refinement.

4. GENTLE SILVER – 14 Presets
These are more subtle processes. Look here when you want gentle contrasts, subtle light, and easy going black levels.

5. HARD SILVER – 14 Presets.
Now things are getting intense. Hard Silver is where you’ll find bold contrasts, intense channel mixes, and infrared-like effects. They’re powerful, but use with caution. It’s easy to overdo boldness.

6. SILVER TONES – 23 Presets.
These are carefully planned color tints for black and white. Some hearken back to vintage tones in the darkroom; some are fresh color blends that are not possible with film. A few of these convert to B&W, but most are the new independent TONE effects as described below.

RAW Reference Files.
It’s great to have some base reference files to try effects and experiment on. SS2 includes 3 full 5D MK2 RAW files from Gavin. He selected them as versatile test subjects and aids to help gain a better understanding of the conversion process. These cannot be used in your own portfolio, but they are great reference files on which to experiment.

Preset Types…
Included in the structured order of SS2 are notations on certain presets. These notations show things about a given preset and help you know which effect to use and save you time. Here are the different types of presets you’ll find in SS2.

No Notation: Presets that don’t bear one of the following notations are standard effects. These generally leave exposure alone, but may use any combination of other settings to achieve their effects. They can be mixed, though any setting defined in a preset overwrites the same setting from previous effects. Remember, if you get a combination you don’t like, just use the Reset Presets.

(Xi) Presets: XI noted presets are tone independent. As in Gavin’s other LR collections, XI presets leave all settings above the Clarity slider completely alone. This is useful to know if you have an image that has already had tonal adjustments, and you want to leave those. Of course, you can also apply these to images that have had no previous adjustments as well.

(Cp) Presets:Most LR presets are made for RAW, and formats like JPEG, TIFF & PSD respond very differently. That’s why in PW3 there are two complete sets. That proved impractical for every collection, however. While SS2 was designed around RAW files, there’s a brand new category called Channel Process. Cp presets are incredible on RAW, but also give you an instant go-to category when you need to apply a conversion to a non-RAW file. These effects work using only channels like WB, color, or mono sliders. They produce stunning results without altering any tone settings like blacks, curves, or any non channel slider. Cp is Only channels. Every time.

(G) Presets: G notation indicates that the effect applies a gradient filter, usually a light one. If you apply a preset with gradients and want to quickly remove them, just use the Gradient reset preset in the 0 category.

TONE Presets: Presets labeled “TONE” do one thing: they overlay a unique color tint onto an image. These will NOT convert an image to B&W. They are meant to be added to give a color hue such as Sepia or Selenium, but do so without affecting other settings. This means you can apply any conversion preset, then add the exact tone you want to that effect. They can also be used on color for gentle toning.

Silver Shadows 2 Features…
Gavin is a twenty-six year old photographer and educator who’s spent over a decade understanding the subtleties of digital photography. He’s a master of LR as well as efficient refined digital editing and is fanatical about quality. Gavin’s real world experience has made Silver Shadows the ultimate black & white LR toolkit. Organized with more than a hundred effects to address the subtleties of silver conversion, SS2 produces artisan quality black and white, right inside LR. More image samples below.

What’s NEW in version II? What’s not new is the better question. SS2 represents nearly four years of study since Gavin released version 1. It’s been rebuilt, remastered, and expanded. Leveraging the latest features of LR, advanced and subtle planning of tools, Gavin’s deep studies of the nuances of black, white, and tonalities, make it a toolkit like no other. SS2 also includes 3 quality RAW files for user’s test effects and experimentation.

Pure Quality: Most silver tools require that you leave your original file behind. That slows things down and throws out valuable information. Because LR can work directly with the original file instead of exporting to a plugin, you can keep creativity at your fingertips and retain every ounce of quality. To top it off, SS2 features the new (Cp) presets that work perfectly on not just RAW, but JPEG, TIFF, & PSD.

Workflow: Large batches and single images can be processed accurately and efficiently. Silver Shadows 2 is not a haphazard set of presets. It’s an organized system that focuses entirely on perfect black and white images. SS2 is in another league of quality and versatility. More than a few quick conversions, it’s a refined toolkit harnessing the nuances that make black and white beautiful. Doing it well and doing it fast.

Control: Silver Shadows 2 gives you extraordinary control right from the start, because a perfect black & white is a subtle play of light that starts with a great image and a great development. Apply SS2 then print, or go further with stunning control of tonal values using burn, dodge and other techniques. SS2 is a system that allows you to focus on the details that are important to you and make your images sing.

Collaboration was also in mind when Silver Shadows was designed. They’ve been made to work side by side with Gavin’s renowned Power Workflow3 and Color Fantasies presets, keeping you organized and in control of your results.

Styles & Tones. From classic to bold, portraits to infrared styles, subtle vignettes to gently hued image tints that can be applied independently. There’s no need to convert outside of LR when you have Silver Shadows 2. You’re in control.

Endless Combinations. Mix and match effects till it’s perfect, because SS2 presets change only what they need to. Don’t like where you’re headed? Just use the instant one-click resets and start again. SS2 lets you process your way.

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“I just downloaded Silver Shadows and it is definitely the best money I’ve spent on presets in a very, very long time!” Lisa B

“Silver Shadows 2 goes toe-to-toe with Nik’s Silver Efex Pro and emerges unscathed. The ability to work completely within Lightroom with the tools you already are familiar with is worth adding to every workflow.” – Jim Haverstock, Photos On The Go.

“Your monochrome set is the best out there” John Francis.

“Gavin, your black and white presets are amazing! I just edited a few hundred images using them, and I love the rich, bold balance it gives to my images” Michael Anderson Photography

“Gavin, SS 2 is fantastic.” Paul Donihue

“I am in LOVE with the ease and versatility of this set, Gavin! Thanks so much for the LR4 version.” Troy D Davidson

“Great Stuff” Anthony Wood Photography

“Awesome Bro! Just installed them. Intense. Keep rockin.” John P. Argueta, JargaPix

“I LOVE your presets!” Leah Stern

“You are a bloody genius! I’ve got loads of presets but yours are the ones I routinely go back to. If creating presets were a scientific endeavor, I’ve no doubt you’d be a Laureate by now.” Richard Barry

“Absolutely rocks! Hardly used Silver Efex since I got them” John, Catchlight Studios

“Gavin, Silver Shadows V2 is AWESOME !!!” Carole P.

A few more samples from the more than 100 presets and endless combinations.
These images were converted from their Before state using only Silver Shadows 2.
Mouse over samples for before/after views.

**Sales tax applicable in WA state. All images and content, products and information copyright Seim Studios (c).
Current version, Silver Shadows v2.2. Adobe Lightroom 1-4 required to use this product (not included).

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