The film look and beyond. These are my secrets to how you create darkroom magic with digital files.

Tues Jan 10th
1 PM CST (UTC -6)

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Head and shoulders above...

Your products, most of which I own, stand head and shoulders above your competition ...I find that again and again I gravitate back to your presets and actions. Likewise, your teaching is concise, useful and on point.

Arturo Ramos

The darkroom has a secret - You're going to HACK IT!

I started on film and have shot everything from 110 to large format over the years. But I wanted something digital that felt organic and darkroom like. 

I'm Gavin Seim, photographer and YouTuber and creator of FIlmist, the film presets Lightroom and Capture One. But before I fully developed the Filmist system, I searched for the secrets the darkroom holds close that can make our digital edits so great.

I'm going to show you that secret!

Learn to use organic looks better from secrets of my Filmist presets and what makes them work so well. I'll then show you how to go further, extending your digital darkroom edits including black and white, platinum and more.

I'll show you  like the master key to organic editing in LR, C1 and beyond.

What is Organic editing? It's not a vegetable!

Its' science. Film always has a sort of organic realness to it doesn't it? But it can be hard to re-create on digital, but I've spend years creating tools and bu8iklt this class son you can create that organic film look in Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop or anywhere else while editing faster. 

I've spent decades searching learning to master the shadows and find our what makes great photos work. Getting it right in camera is essential. But the edit is too.  It was equally so in the darkroom days. Today we have more tools, but if you don't have the framework to make you edits work every time, you will still fail  a lot.

It's time for your work to stand out.

  • I'll show you the secret of deeper edits that make photos feel organic and real!
  • Know you're not editing too much and get cleaner results in LR, C1 and everywhere else.
  • Improve your confidence in color or B&W and get edits that make your photos stand apart.

Bring your best and weakest photos to life.

It's taken me a lot of years to find my own editing style and learned how to stop doing everything to a photos. The software tools we have today lets us do anything, but I'm going to show you the secret of using less to get better results.

Photographers all over the world use my film Lightroom presets, Capture One styles and LUTS. But there's more to getting rich organic looks that work than a preset and I'm going to show you in this workshop. Whether you're using Filmist presets, Emulsion tools in Photoshop, your own looks or something else, we'll look at each step and you'll  discover how to make any film edit better. 

"Stop over-editing like everyone does and do film"

Whether you love color for black and white... "Here's how to make it like the darkroom

Getting in in camera is something I always teach in my classes. But the masters of the past used the darkroom just like we used digital to make weak photos more impactful. Just like they used chemicals, I'm going to show you how to edit amazing photos or ones that have lost their way to make them as amazing as possible.

See you there - Gavin Seim

Very informative...

Enjoyed the LR course yesterday, very informative

Norman Peay

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I'm Gavin Seim. I'm a Shadow Hunter

I started photography in 1997 at age 12. I'm a PPA Master, Hot One and Loan Collection winner and Lightroom expert. My images, tools and workshops have been featured in books and throughout the industry.

I was born in WA USA. I started working pro (using that word loosely as I sucked) using film at age 16. It was not easy to find training then and often I beat my head against the wall to win. 20+ years in the trenches earned me my Masters (M.Photog) from PPA but it taught me that's just the start.

I moved to Mexico in 2017, exploring the magical light of the South, creating tools and workshops as well as the Pro Photo Podcast. There's lots of videos and free things here. If you have questions I'm here to help

You're rightly skeptical of photography tools in today's market. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee each tool and workshop with my 31 day No-Regrets Guarantee! -- 
Gavin Seim

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Gavin Seim

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