Photo Kit Monthly

Improve your Photography, every month.

Photo Kit is an epic onlone photographers club that gives you exclusive tools exclusive and classes every month. From better on the go techniques to deep training for to excel as a master, the kit has you covered.

  • Exclusive Tools! LR presets and PS actions each month.
  • Master Classes. Hands-on photo training every month.
  • Archive Access: A treasure trove of tools & education.
  • Members Lounge: A private FB support group.
  • KEEP Your Downloads. Even if you cancel.
  • No hooks! Cancel anytime without a hard sell.
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Improve every month, for the cost of Lunch!

  • New editing tools EVERY month to help you expand your looks and your skills.
  • Exclusive videos and master training to help you raise the bar on your images.
  • Archives bring you years of content and tools, only for members.
  • Personal support and feedback on your images.


Training videos, every month

New actions and presets. Every month.



Is this different from other Seim products?
Yes. PhotoKit does not replace any other collection, it works great alongside them. All the content and tools in PhotoKit are fresh upon release and not in any other product on the site.

Are the standalone Seim Products going away?
NO. PhotoKit is filled with new content exclusive to PhotoKit We are not forcing you to a subscription-only model like a company who will not be named 😉

How am I billed and what do I get?
As soon as you join you’ll be given access to everything including the archives. Each month you’ll be billed based on when you signed up. Mid to end of every month a new kit will be posted.

Where can I log in?
As soon as you join you’ll have access and get a confirmation email. You can come back and log in from any computer as long your a member.. Login here.

If I cancel can I keep this stuff?
Yes. If your subscription ends everything you downloaded to that date is yours to keep using but you won’t have access to download anymore from PhotoKit.

How do I Cancel:
We’re sorry to see you go and miss out on the great goodies we have planned, but you can cancel anytime. Just login, then click the profile link on the top right. Then click “Cancel Subscription” in “Your Subscription” panel on the right. Note that due to the amount of content available to download and the low cost we don’t offer refunds on previous subscription payments. When you cancel you will have access for the rest of the billing period and you can keep everything you downloaded to date.

How do I use the downloads?
Each download will be in a zip file like most other downloads. Just unzip the folder to access. If you have any ZIP problems visit the help page or contact us. Each download may be used differently depending on what it is. Video is standard and can be played on your computer or synced to mobiles. LR Presets, PS actions and the like are installed in their respective programs. if you need help with that there are install videos here.

Who is Seim?

Seim is an International award-winning photographer and educator who constantly strives to understand and share subtleties of light. He’s a master of Lightroom and workflow. He loves quality. His work has been featured in Digital Photo, PetaPixel, Professional Photographer, and other publications. He is also the creator of Photographics and the award-winning Exposed video workshop.


Portrait Perfection + Soft #7 + Warmth + Exp

final run

The Bottomless Pit

Midnight Seattle - Seattle WA from Kerry Park, 2009.


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