Muse exists because I was tired of limited under-editing; I wanted looks that are filmic, inspired  and dramatic! Muse is the stop questioning your editing and start creating pack! Watch the video above for more...

Muse for LR and PS Raw

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Muse for Capture One

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Rich cine style looks! 
Get inspired with 30 one click MUSE looks that gives your image the richness inspired by cinema and art while maintaining a natural, film-like organic subtlety. Apply them seamlessly in LR Classic, LR Mobile or Capture 1.

Organic but unapologetic!
Enjoy the magic soft green, natural yellows and subtle skin and eviroment variations that are both natural and unexpected. We've taken your passion for beautiful processes that are bold and natural and the result is MUSE. 

Good enough is not enough.
Add any MUSE looks or refine it using Xmods. Photo looking too punch because its from a mobile, aopply the Mobile Mod or the Natural Vurve Mod. need a bit more color, just click the Color Boost mod. It's eays to mis Muse  way.

Don't edit BORING!

It's easy to over edit. But timid editing and color is something many photographers are falling prey to and MUSE is a straight up feeling inspired pack with potent use of deep greens, sultry skin tones and darkroom inspired mixes, it's made for portraits and street, but amazing on everything.

  • 36 bold cinematic presets.
  • Epic looks without over-processing.
  • 9 X-Mods for fast detail and tone mixers.
  • Works in LR 6+, LR Mobile, PS and C1
  • Risk free Seim 30 day IRON Guarantee

Michael Anderson

Gavin, your black and white presets are amazing! I just edited a few hundred images using them and I love the rich, bold balance it gives to my images. With your presets my images are now taken to a new level that is bound to get the attention of new clients!

Lisa Hunt

difference is clear and visible

I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I have compared Hollywood effect actions to some of the best actions and plugins and every time it is no comparison. I use on one suite 5.1, as well as actions from several other companies. The cheapest action set was 200.00 and they do not compare to the actions in Hollywood effects. I use Porcelain retouch on almost every portrait, it's natural and beautiful. I've done the comparison and if anyone wants to see the difference just ask it's clear and visible. for portraits Hollywood effects is better then anything I have tried and a fraction of the cost, thanks for making such great products I'm a huge fan. Thanks.

Sam Collins

The Best

Ready to get rid of all other actions. They just seem in the way!


Muse says... screw under-editing and exite me!

Muse makes no apologies for pushing limits without looking stupid and over cooked. It brings sweet darkroom and Hollywood inspired looks, rich but natural colors and makes edits real and epic!

Unlike the film days, digital Cameras are designed make plain images that are editable, but not yet finished. Sometimes the hardest thing is being unafraid to edit all the way! 

Stealing the emotion and soul of our subject is both more amazing and harder than ever. MUSE is a pack deisgned to bring powerful inspiration and simple  images grading processed with beautiful haunting looks that look amazing and are other over edited, nor timid.

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The Seim 100% Iron 31 day guarantee

Why buy my tools?
Created by a photographer and 100% guaranteed!

With everyone and their uncle selling "Pro Photo Tools" these days, why buy Seim. I know you're skeptical about new tools and most companies offer little to no guarantee. But I'm confident and you deserve tools you’ll use and love. So, buy any one of our products and try them for 7 days; if after that you feel dissatisfied, send me an email within 31 days of your purchase and let me know the problem. I'll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money. Whatever you decide. My IRON guarantee.

Who is this Seim Guy?

Gavin Seim was born in Washington State and started studying photography in 1997 and begin working professionally using film at age 16. As digital dawned, Gavin studied with masters like Ken Whitmire and in 2009 founded the Pro Photo Show podcast, became a pioneer in digital editing and instruction. With the launch of Lightroom V1, he started developing tools for professionals. Gavin photographed around the USA and earned a Master of Photography (M.Photog) from PPA. His workshops and tools have been featured in publications across the industry and he was given the prestigious HotOne award for his "EXposed" Master Class on Zones and light. Gavin now lives in Mexico, the land of magical light making photos and videos, creating content for his Youtube channel, and designing tools and classes to make photographers successful.

Gavin Seim

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