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Photography.... Should be felt

This is a system of pictorialism for digital. Charge your photos with emotion? Unfettered feeling and beauty. A bowl of fruit, a lonely tree, a dancer, a vendor on the street. The click a shutter and your breath holds. Not fluff, perfect lenses or Ai. Edit everything with more emotion and focus -  Watch the videos above and see what we mean.

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100% Iron Guarantee + Free Updates 

31-day Iron Guarantee:

A lot of tools bait you into a purchase, then don't preform as advertised, your out of luck. Gavin designs and stands behind every Seim product 100% Purchase any Seim product and just try it for 7 days. If after that you are dissatisfied, send us an email within the 31 days of purchase and let us know the problem. We’ll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money. Whichever you decide.

Free Updates:
We're passionate about great tools and always listening. In version dot updates are always free as we refine the product for you. When a whole new version arrives, existing users are also given a 50% off upgrade price.

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Runs in Photoshop Win or Mac CS6 - CC24


Pictorialist does the hard part automatically... 

It lets you step outside of sterile edits and find the emotion you felt in a photo. But it takes away the problems with complex edits. With these iconic master blends, mods, real film grain and one click re-mixers. The possibilities in Pictorialism are endless and you'll be turning photos that never found their voice into the vision you had in your mind, whether color or monochrome.

Hamilton //

David Hamilton's atmospheric portraits were as iconic in France and around the globe as they were controversial.

But Photographers have been trying to channel his methods for decades and Pictoriliast makes it happen in a it truly magic. way that have you re editing all your old favorites.

Stieglitz //

Alfred Stiglitz the legendary turn of the century photographer is know for deep shadows and emotive photos of simple scenes that defines a generation of Photography.

He understand that feeling was more import than perfect details and this process works on nearly every style of work. Tinting of then monochrome can be turned on or off.

Orton //

Michael Orton is famous for the way he stacked slides to make his landscapes more ethereal and magical.

This look has been created in many ways on digital, but none so balanced and controllable as in Pictorialist action which lets you instantly control every aspect.

Coburn //

Alvin Langdon Coburn was another turn of the century icon who was not afraid of using the medium, it's flaws blurs and tones to create complex photos that were like no other.

Careful layering in Pictorialist lets you use these kind of blurs and mixes while retaining detail.

Seim //

I'm no legend but this action creates a combo of my favorite tools and mods built into Pictorialist.

With one click you can create a clear modern view of color pictorialism with stunning details and complexity and honestly you're going to LOEV this mix.

Thanks Gavin!

Don’t stop making these great products, they have improved my work brother.

Joseph Miller

I love that it saves me time

Gav, I make it a point to purchase your products and use them with capture one 22. I love that it saves me time having to work on my images.

Raul Bautista

What you get inside the Actions

  • Instantly run hundreds of steps in PS to create incredible edits on any photo.
  • 13 Master effects create rich pictorial edits inspired by Hamilton, Stieglitz and more.
  • 20 Mod mix actions. Add countless atmosphere, detail and shadow re-mixes
  • Instant actions lets to control the intensity of the effect and more. with a click
  • Plugin-Free non destructive editing lets you use the effect or remix it.
  • Works in Photoshop CS6-CC - Free Support

Discover perfect imperfection

Pictorialism is about creating photos that are art and feeling. It was key in the development of photography and is hard to create digitally. So I made a system for photos with soul. Photo that belong in galleries and your walls.

From early pictorialist icons like Stieglitz and Coburn to color portrait masters like David Hamilton. Pictorialist lets you create the deep art edits easily, plugin-free, with total control. For results not simply possible in Raw editors. 

Pictorialist may be the most insightful tool you've used in years. Running from digital fakery. Without hesitation staking it's claim in life, in motion, in the photograph. The focus, the drama of shadow and the allure of documenting beauty your way.


Hours of work in seconds

Pictorialist works by mixing atmosphere and tone in any image. Not fakery and Ai, but my mixing the tones you captured. Those who only edit in RAW editors can never achieve looks this deep, giving you a huge advantage.

But you don't have to be stressed about doing it in Photoshop because it's so simple with Pictorialist. Pictorialist creates layer and mask blends that manually would take hours. If you even remembered how each time. They are that wild

We all have photos that we loved when we took and never worked out. Be amazed when you see how a Pictorialist brings the emotion you have felt but could never get in an edit. Start creating your own fine art edits. The results will be incredible.

Sometimes photos today are too sharp. Imperfect details are ok. They exist in real life. Pictorialist lets you use them like the masters and bring atmosphere and tone.

You have Photoshop. Now activate its power in your photos with Pictorialist! Watch the hands on video at the top to see how.

Do I know you? Gavin Seim is a Photographer, YouTuber, and explorer who Started photography at age 12. Now a PPA Master photographer and Hot-One Photo award winner for his EXposed workshop. He was the host of ProPhotoShow podcast and published throughout the photography industry.

Tools that you actually use!

Gavin has been creating professional photo tools and workshops for over 15 years. He started the Pro Photo Show Podcast in 2007 to help photographers create better.

As the first to create Lightroom presets for pros, Gavin's been Featured in Publications like Click, Professional Photographer Magazine and many others. Every product is guaranteed so you can grow your photography risk-free.

quite pleased...

I am quite pleased with the results. Thank You Gavin.

Ernst Ulrich Schafer

I'm Gavin Seim. I'm a Shadow Hunter

I started photography in 1997 at age 12. I'm a PPA Master, Hot One and Loan Collection winner and Lightroom expert. My images, tools and workshops have been featured in books and throughout the industry.

I was born in WA USA. I started working pro (using that word loosely as I sucked) using film at age 16. It was not easy to find training then and often I beat my head against the wall to win. 20+ years in the trenches earned me my Masters (M.Photog) from PPA but it taught me that's just the start.

I moved to Mexico in 2017, exploring the magical light of the South, creating tools and workshops as well as the Pro Photo Podcast. There's lots of videos and free things here. If you have questions I'm here to help

You're rightly skeptical of photography tools in today's market. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee each tool and workshop with my 31 day No-Regrets Guarantee! -- 
Gavin Seim

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Gavin Seim

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