Want a powerful and dynamic presentation. Have Gavin lecture for your group or event. Gavin is an award winning portraitist, pictorialist and speaker who started when he was twelve and owns a studio gallery in Central WA. Best known as host of Pro Photo Show, maker of Seim Effects tools and producer of the award winning EXposed series, Gavin has a passion for craft and tours throughout the US with his family, teaching, studying and hunting for. You can learn more about his background right here and see his latest projects here on the homepage.

Contact Gavin for more information and to discuss booking for your group – or phone 509-754-5255.

Seim’s Featured Workshop – Tones & Zones:

It all about the light in this engaging session. Tones and Zones starts where it all started with the history of photographics. Then we leap into practical study of how we can deeply understand light tone and Zones for digital. We go beyond creating exposures and learn how to fundamentally understand and control light rather than fear it. You’ll will walk away with new ideas and challenges to everything you know about exposure. This powerful workshop for any experience level will make you challenge the light and raise the bar on your photography.

)Suited for shorter keynote events or full day hands on events.)

Booking Gavin for workshops during road tours:

When teaching on the road Gavin has a few approaches. He can present single or multi-day feature workshops or a custom tailored events on things like Photoshop, Lightroom, exposure, history and more, image quality and more.

  • Photo clubs & organizations. Gavin will present a lecture or hands on workshop for an agreed upon fee. This can also be planned with a minimum, or sliding scale based on attendance. The cost structure is similar to private groups, but is flexible depending on your needs, budget and how close Gavin is to your location.
  • Small private groups. These are hands on workshop at your location. Cost caries by attendance but the minimum is only $1000 if Gavin is near the area. You’ll arrange the location and coordinate the event. Depending on location an travel, costs may vary.
  • Private training. This is another valuable option that allows you to focus on a wide range photographic skillsets. Gavin comes to you and spends one or more days one on one. These sessions are custom tailored for your exact needs. Depending on your area and workshop length, the rate is generally $600-800 per day.

A portrait of Gavin and his family by Ken Whitmire. Made while they were camped out for Wall Portrait Conference 2012.

Some of Gavin’s workshop topics: Gavin will customize a workshop to your needs.

  • Evening Lectures:
    Tones and Zones, Raising the Bar, Photographic History, Image Quality & presentation. Photographic techniques. Dynamic range & HDR. The Zone System for Digital.
  • Day workshops:
    Lightroom Photoshop & Workflow. Tones and Zones Expanded. Field excursions. Wedding, Portrait & Landscape Techniques. WordPress and Social Media, Zone System.
  • Multi Day Workshops:
    Usually 2-3 day events. Lights & Shadows, HDR, Photoshop, Lightroom and Workflow. Hand on with Weddings and Portraits and Landscapes. Private custom training sessions.