Lumist is awesome. You’re a visual person and Lumist makes light clay in your hands by combining control and color in a new way. Now you can visualize, select and perfect every part of your photo for perfect color, tone and dynamic range. Let there be light!

  • Total Map: The first interactive tonal map!
  • Color Luma fast effects where you need them.
  • Tone Select w/Perfect Mask lets you control any Zone
  • Includes FREE Lumist Workshop!
  • All backed by our Iron Guarantee.


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Better than luminosity masks!

Total Mapping
: Leave behind the needless complexity of luminosity masking. Enter the world of Lumist with zone selection, visual mapping color codes every tone in your image so you can see and control everything. Easy!
Tone Select:
Once you’ve mapped it, go to town! Quickly select and modify the entire image, a single zone, or range of zones and adjust them in any way you like with get instant results and endless control.

Lumist Training:
Wanna know how Lumist works and how to use it? No problem! You can watch a video on that here. If you want to see more, check down in the why Lumist section for more videos.

Perfect Masks: The light is clay in your hands. Perfect mask empowers Lumist behind the scenes. With Tone Select you choose where you want control and the Perfect Mask integration intelligently does the rest, giving you total, simple control.

Color Luma
: If sunlight was in a can, that can would say Color Luma. Much like the timeless one-click wow effects from Alchemist, Color Luma brings light and color overlays that can be instantly applied to all of your image, or only to the tones you want.

Vertical Editing:
Every single action in Lumist is independent and stacks with every other Action in Lumist as well as working seamlessly with our other action collections. Lumist is simple enough for a beginner to master, but deep enough for a master to love.


Why Lumist?

My studies with tone and large format film while studying skills for my Master’s degree lead me to Zones and a passion for understanding light. My mentors, like the late Ken Whitmire taught me that tone is the least understood and least utilized factor in great photography. I realized we weren’t effectively combining and passing on our knowledge of tone and it was costing us.

I started studying Luminosity masking but I was disappointed by how complex and clunky it was. I returned to the drawing board. Since there was no tool to really work with zones in Photoshop, I decided to push actions to the limit and design a system that would let us see every tone and every zone, combining that with a tools and effects that bring Ansel’s Zone System, color scales and retouching into one system. The result was Lumist.

What started as a personal project to let me better manipulate tone, turned into a system of tools that simply did not exist – until now. A way to not only see the tones in an image but to apply light adjustment and retouching effects to everything, or only the tones you want. No more sitting around guessing at selections and masks, hassling with complex separation layers, or, worse still, abandoning entirely the nuance of tone. Lumist combines retouching with the language of light and makes it simple, beautiful and natural.

Here is what our customers say about Lumist:


Awesome is the right word

Mike Jackson

Works perfect

This set of actions works so perfect! very easy to work with.

Hugh Mobley

Love these

I have these - by far the best set of actions I've purchased in a long while. Credit where it's due, I love them!

Lorraine Jardim


This is a great plug-in for Photoshop and doing exposure correction. It takes a lot of the mystery out of the Zone System of exposure. It is quite easy to work and to deal with. I highly recommend it. Also, Lumist works with the Alchemy actions also from Seim.

Mike Perry

Highly reccommended

Lumist gives you an easy way to see and adjust every tone value in your image with surgical precision, and that's just the beginning. I can't recommend this product highly enough. Thanks for all the work you put into this, Gavin!

Mark Hutto


I finally purchased Lumist, yesterday, and was wowed immediately by the difference it makes. As a novice, it's my first introduction to zones, and I'm thrilled to have the new action.

Ron Hoehn

Better than Luminosity Masking:

If you’ve never heard of Luminosity masking don’t worry, you don’t need to know a thing about it for Lumist. If you’re a veteran luminosity mask user, prepare to be blown away. as Lumist gives you all the nuance and control but faster and so much better. Where Luminosity masking ends, Lumist is just starting, bringing you Zones, effects and retouching tools already integrated into the power of your selections.

Color Zones:

The foundation of Lumist was the ability to see every Zone in an image and then control it. I started inspired by my deep studies of Ansel Adams zone scale, a language of light that speaks in stops. and than adapted it with color and scripted it to allow us to see every Zone in the image with a click, then to select, refine and creatively edit any one of those Zones.

Some great photographers have tried to apply Zones with things like luminosity masking, but the result is immensely complex and not very visually. Lumit’s Total Map takes that concept and applies it in a way that is powerful, visual and elegant. Now the language we use in the camera transfers to the digital darkroom seamlessly.

Light Control, Perfected:

But that’s just the first half. Lumist because so much more than just being able to see tone and learn from it. It’s a systematic toolkit that gives you tone and retouching tools that work perfectly together. Now you can select one, four or every zone, than apply effects, light controls or masks to any layer you may already have in your image. A perfect separation of tonalities allows to you not only control light and dynamic range, but to apply finishing tools in a way you’ve never seen before.


Watch Training Videos:

Want to know it all. Here’s a growing collection of hands-on videos for Lumist, and put them in one convenient place. Check it out!


Start out with some sample images edited using Lumist. Then get Lumist and try without fear thanks to our old-fashioned support money back guarantee.








Who is Seim?

Seim is an award winning Master Photographer and educator constantly strives to understand and share subtleties of light. He’s a master of Lightroom and workflow loves quality. Back in 2007 as LR was getting started, Gavin released Power Workflow 1. Since then, he has designed a wide array of Actions and Presets as well the Award-winning EXposed Light Workshop.

Compatible with Photoshop CS2-CC — (English) All images and content, products and information copyright Seim Studios (c). Adobe Photoshop (r) required to use this product (not included).

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