More than Luminosity Masking, More than Zones.

Lumist took Luminosity masking, merged it with the brilliance of Ansels Zone System, then made it smarter and easier to use than panels. Other tools have tried to copy Lumist, but none have done it. Lumist 2 takes tone control in PS to new level. Epic effects, and controls combined with the new LIVE TONE system that lets you see and edit ZONES in real time! That's Lumist 2

Instant Download Actions for PS CS6 - CC

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See and control your light with instant Zone control!
Actions work in Photoshop CS5-CC

  • Complete tone control tools and Lumosity effects on one package.
  • LIVE Map V2: See and edit Zones in real time and change how you edit.
  • Perfect Select: Exact selections without a mess of complex channels
  • Luma Painters: Color & light actions with auto masks.
  • One Clicks: Creative actions to make your images look great fast.
  • Vertical edits: Everything implemented in easy to adjust layers.
  • Black and white conversion tools for epic tone in color or silver!
  • Iron Guarantee.

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What photographers are saying...


This is amazing! best actions I ever purchased, crystal clear explanation of how to use the actions. thank you Gavin ...


i bought Lumist a few weeks ago. And wow it has really been a great tool in Photoshop. If you pay attention to tonal levels and want to make quick powerful action adjustments by selecting tonal levels rather than the blunt tool of luminosity masks you will love this set of actions.

Phillip Ziegler

I love all of them...

I have NHDR 4.0, BlackRoom, and Lumist. I love all of them.

Vipul Patel

Bought Lumist a while back and have been just too busy shooting to do any serious post processing. Finally got around to it last night and WOW! This is certainly a game changer. Will be interesting to go back to old photos and see what I can pull out of them. Looks like I'll have a lot of reprinting to do in the near future. Thanks for all your hard work Gavin.

Keith Doucet

What an amazing set of actions. I just started playing with these and am totally blown away by the results. Beautiful!

Kimberly Gordon

I'm really pleased.

I bought Blackroom and Lumist and I'm really pleased.


Best actions!

This is amazing! Best actions I ever purchased, crystal clear explanation how using the actions. thank you Gavin ...


Another home run Gavin. Toss all my other frequency separation actions. Always trying to get more bang for my buck with actions so I have fewer in my list but they allow me to do more.

Phillip Ziegler

Love these

I have these - by far the best set of actions I've purchased in a long while. Credit where it's due, I love them!

Lorraine Jardim

I have to battle to overcome the feeling that I am cheating in some way when I use the actions because it is so easy to use and oh so effective.

David Roby

Highly reccommended

Lumist gives you an easy way to see and adjust every tone value in your image with surgical precision, and that's just the beginning. I can't recommend this product highly enough. Thanks for all the work you put into this, Gavin!

Mark Hutto

Wow another great tool Gavin! Time to revisit a few images for sure!

Doug Parks

Works perfect

This set of actions works so perfect! very easy to work with.

Hugh Mobley


I finally purchased Lumist, yesterday, and was wowed immediately by the difference it makes. As a novice, it's my first introduction to zones, and I'm thrilled to have the new action.

Ron Hoehn


This is a great plug-in for Photoshop and doing exposure correction. It takes a lot of the mystery out of the Zone System of exposure. It is quite easy to work and to deal with. I highly recommend it. Also, Lumist works with the Alchemy actions also from Seim.

Mike Perry


Awesome is the right word

Mike Jackson

Excellent Service

Excellent customer service, and if I got nothing else seeing the Zone Map is making me think more about light and tones. Well worth it!

Lisa Bartek Reynoldson

I bought Lumist a few weeks ago. And wow it has really been a great tool in Photoshop. If you pay attention to tonal levels and want to make quick powerful action adjustments by selecting tonal levels rather than the blunt tool of luminosity masks you will love this set of actions.

Phillip Ziegler

Luma, Retouching and Zones Made Simple.

There's no action collection in the industry more intricate then Lumist. But you would never know because it works seamlessly. What started as simple effort, trying to better map and visualize tone, resulted in Lumist 1. Lumist 2 is a system in itself, allowing a level of simple, intuitive control over tone that we've only dreamed of until now. It's what Photoshop should do already, but cannot. Lumist 2 uses zones to give you visual feedback on your light, helping you make better images in camera. It also allows you to manipulate that light in real time whether it's with portrait effects, color tones and overlays, burning, dodging or perfectly masked curves and levels layers that effect only the parts of the image you want.

Lumist 2 is a complete system. But it doesn't stop there. Whether you use a Lumist action, make your own or apply any other layer, Lumist can see your tones and let you mask and make creative edits and controls on everyone. Lumist 2 takes Zones, Luminosity masking and Photoshop and makes them what they were meant to be all along.

Live Tone Map: The Total Map changed the way we edited images and gave us deeper insight into our light. With the new, faster Live Tone, the Total Map updates in real time as you work. It works exactly like it sounds. Lightened your image? darkened it down? Live Tone shows your changing tones so you can decide how to use them.

Perfect Selections:  With these tools, you can choose any part of the light and apply it instantly to any layer, group or intelligent effect. Select Zones, skin tones or colors and apply effects and layers fast with the beautifully designed non-destructive vertical editing system developed to give you better results.

Effects, One Clicks and Silver: The next generation of Lumist's Color Luma. Detailed color control for specific areas of your image. Live Tone showing that one spot that is just a bit off? Luma Painters can fix that, no problem. Need actions for Silver? Or maybe a quick, powerful one click? All here, and you are gonna love'em.

Lumist Hands on Videos
See more training in the Lumist video playlist

Using Lumist with BlackRoom B&W (YouTube)

Lumist 2.4 Hands On Video (YouTube)


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