Natural HDR 2

The Death Knell for Nasty HDR:
Amazing dynamic range from single files without leaving Lightroom. That’s awesome. It’s what makes this the toolkit to polish off nasty HDR. Like it’s predecessor, NHDR2 is a simple, refined, elegant system, but vastly improved and perfected to be the most versatile HDR toolkit available. NHDR2 is changing the game. Unite to end nasty HDR!

  • New: Post Process II: Rebuilt presets made for ultimate versatility.
  • New: Ultra Mix: it’s the next generation of custom recipe presets.
  • New: Dynamic Atmosphere. For perfect light finishing.
  • Stop nasty HDR! Brilliant quality for any situation.
  • V2.5 now even better. Click, mix, triumph!
  • Works in Photoshop/Camera Raw
  • SEIM 30 day IRON Guarantee!



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A New Kind of HDR!

NEW: Post Process II:
Getting great dynamic range from single files is not easy. Refining it for perfect richness and contrast is even harder. NHDR 2 has revamped every tool to a minutely refined, ultra-versatile level. It makes the complex simple.
New: Ultra Mix: This is the next generation of custom recipe presets that can be added on top of any other preset to create your own look. We’ve taken that even further with manual coding of presets, allowing ultra-specific mods, like adjusting the highlights of your curve without touching the shadows.

NEW: Dynamic Atmosphere: NHDR 2 brings unprecedented local control to truly maximize light on the RAW file. This brand new category of tools focuses on making gradual, radial and local adjustments into one simple step that can be combined with any preset to make your subject shine.

Natural HDR is the only preset collection engineered for balanced refined dynamic range. Version 2.5 brings that refinement further more than 80 stunning tools and mix mods for everything from wild landscapes to portraits and scrumptious interior photography.

We thought you were as tired of crappy HDR as we were. Turns out that was truer than we had imagined. This is the counterpoint to overcooked, overdone HDR that you have been looking for. It works in Lightroom like magic. Click, mix, triumph. It’s still bold; It’s still HDR; It’s still better. End nasty HDR.



What People have to say about NHDR 2!

“Awesome presets!!” – Ann Allison-Coté

“Just bought Natural HDR 2, a few minutes ago. A quick test, and I am already convinced it is truly a game changing toolkit.” – Carlos Paula

much more pleasing in my opinion than tone mapping; … I give Seim presets a 5 star rating… – Chris Boynton

“Your presets are wonderful. I use them all the time to enhance my images. Thank you for creating great products!” BJ Spanos


What Tools Do I Need?

Our preset collections work in Lightroom and Camera Raw/Photoshop. Presets are all about applying a look to single or groups of images and being able to do so in a non-destructive manner.

PW6 is geared not only to allow creative combinations but also speed, quick fixes and details like sharpening and grain. It’s our main preset collection and sits perfectly at the top of your go-to Lightroom tools. If you want a toolkit for everything that will help you work faster start with PW6.

Silver 3 is dedicated to amazing black and white. Most people that use Silver don’t need other plugins. It allows for a huge array of processes for black and white that use the color information in your files to make incredible silver looks. That combines with tools for mixing tone, tint and more and allows for endless combinations.

Actions work in Photoshop. Sometimes people get confused about the difference between actions and presets. Presets are one layer deep and the best starting point for general workflow, color and tone corrections. Actions use layers and more advanced tools and can give richer and more finesse retouching. Our actions use vertical editing which means you can run an action with one click and can add more on top to keep advancing your edit. The possibilities are endless. Actions and presets together make the perfect workflow.

Alchemist is our ultra powerful retouching actions. It has everything from skin surface tools and glamour effects to color overlays and sharpening tools. All with an easy to use vertical editing style with layers and groups that can be ticked on and off and altered to give your image a perfect look with infinite combinations. Alchemist will take your retouching to the next level and save you time in the process.

Lumist: These game-changing actions are all about being a master of Light. They allow you to see the types and zones in your image with a click using the Total Map. Then you can select any zone and apply an adjustment manually or use one of the many effects for light, color, and style and apply it to the entire image or just the selected zones. It takes the power of luminosity making but makes it so much more simple, visual and powerful.

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Get Handsy!

Here just a few interactive demos of the countless possibilities from this full dynamic range power pack. Take control.















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