Natural HDR 3

They've been teaching HDR wrong! It's was never about overcooked clarity or crushing everything to middle-tones. So we made Natural HDR 3, a toolkit designed to extract dynamic range without being nasty. It's powerful and simple and works on single files, extracting every drop of dynamic range while retaining contrast , detail and beauty.

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Real Dynamic Range
Works in: LR6+ | LR Web/Mobile! | PS Camera RAW | Capture 1 V12-20 

  • Amazing HDR from Single Files!
  • 50+ Epic Styles work on any file.
  • Powerful push and pull tools.
  • XMods to mold the look your way.
  • Elements categories make editing easier
  • Money back IRON GUARANTEE.

Use the arrows < > in the gallery to explore before after examples made with Natural HDR 3

NHDR 3 - One, two, click!

We've made getting the perfect HDR easier than ever. Start with essentials and push-pull tools, all Exposure independent, meaning they work without touching your existing exposure settings.

Move to the NEW Elements, formulas broken down into easy to use tools. Earth for richness. Air  for gentle highlights and surfaces. Water is cool, soothing and trustworthy and Fire is bold and dramatic,

Choose your look fast, the tweak it with the new  simpler XMod presets for the perfect refinement is just manually adjust your slider to make the perfect process even better.

Stop merging files!

As pioneers in digital HDR we realized that the  focus was wrong! This overcooked emphasis was not HDR. In the early days files had little dynamic range, but today's cameras rarely need merged files and complex editing.

We designed natural HDR to make something that was often overdone bold but balanced.  HDR that's inspired by digital as well as the film masters gave us the first HDR back as far as the in the 1800's

Lightroom / Photoshop / Capture 1

An ever-changing industry requires versatile tools and Natural HDR 3 is designed to work in old and new version of LR, in Capture One and in Photoshop Camera Raw.

Also, it's designed to work great with everything sell.  Love Power Workflow, Mixology, or even our Photoshop collections like Lumist or Alchemist? They are all designed to work great with each other. Each pack has it's specialty, and compliments the others. 

BJ Spanos

Your presets are wonderful. I use them all the time to enhance my images. Thank you for creating great products!

Chris Boynton

much more pleasing in my opinion than tone mapping; … I give Seim presets a 5 star rating…

Carlos Paula

Just bought Natural HDR 2, a few minutes ago. A quick test, and I am already convinced it is truly a game changing toolkit.

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31-day Guarantee: We know people are skeptical about tools like this. Most companies offer little or no guarantee but we stand behind ours 100% confident and want you to have tools you’ll use and love.

Purchase one of our tools or videos and keep them for 7 days; if after that you feel dissatisfied, send us an email within 31 days of the purchase date and let us know the problem. We’ll fix your issue, exchange, or refund your money. Whichever you decide.

Who is Seim?

Seim is an award winning Master Photographer and educator constantly strives to understand and share subtleties of light. He’s a master of Lightroom and workflow loves quality. Back in 2007 as LR was getting started, Gavin released Power Workflow 1. Since then, he has designed a wide array of Actions and Presets as well the Award-winning EXposed Light Workshop.

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