Video Workshop – Lightroom Ninja

Lightroom is the hottest editing tool in photography, and LR expert Gavin Seim is bringing it to you, your way, with his new Lightroom Ninja video workshop series.

Get “bite size” chunks of Show & Tell Learning in Gavin’s power packed series. Best of all, each workshop comes to you as a downloadable chapter-based video collection that you can learn from and review time and time again.


Top notch learning. Delivered fresh.

  • LR training for all skill levels.
  • Watch and review on your time.
  • Fun step by step learning.
  • No holds barred “Tricks & Techniques.”
  • Choose the workshops that YOU need.
  • Order 2+ and save 15%, Use code BUNDLE.
  • Lightroom 4 updates delivered fresh*

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Watch the intro video. Or Watch on YouTube.

Instant Download – 3 Workshops NOW Available.

Concise workshops that focus on what YOU need to learn. Just pick your topics and download your workshop collections. Each workshop has nearly 1.5 hours of paced learning.

Lightroom 4 – The workshops were recorded mostly in LR3 but nearly the same in LR4. We’re also planning FREE future updates for some of the LR4 specific features.

Workshop #1 Lightroom Essentials.

– What Lightroom Does –
– What is the Catalog –
– Importing Images –
– The Grid Edit –

– Preset Powers –
– Exporting Images –

Complete workshop, Just $15

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Workshop #2 Everyday Lightroom.

– Folders, V copies, Collections
– Working With Metadata –
– The Develop Module pt1 –
– The Develop Module pt2 –

– Localized Corrections –


Complete workshop, Just $15

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Workshop #3 Lightroom Pro.

– External Editing –
– The Power of Channels –
– Better Image Quality –
– The Super Workflow –

– Catalog Workflow –
– Compare, Stack, and more –

Complete workshop, Just $15

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The Lightroom Businessman.

– Making Amazing Slideshows –
– Working with web galleries –
– Leveraging Print Tools –
– Using LR in the sales-room –



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The Lightroom Master.

– Extending LR. Cool plugins and more –
– Tethered shooting inside LR –
– LR Ninja Tricks and advanced moves –
– Making your own Ninja grade presets –

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The Lightroom Ninja.

– Advanced Ninja Image Techniques –
– Working with video in LR –
– Album Design in Lightroom –
– Extra modules, exports and beyond –

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 Real Workshop Feedback…

The first LR ninja in the series is so good, definitely going to be purchasing the next ones.” Jay Williams.

“You did a great job Gavin.” Paul Larson

“Loved it.” Allie Stevens Catchings

“Your Lightroom workshop rocked. I used lightroom since beta and I still learned a trick or two.” Ed, Steel City Photography

“Sat through @gavinseim‘s LR workshop: it was AMAZING.” Megan Huddleston.

About the presenter (Meet Gavin).
Gavin Seim is an award winning photographer and owner of Seim Studio’s in Central WA, where he focuses on high end wall portraits and fine art pieces. He’s the maker of Seim Effects editing tools, host of the Pro Photo Show podcast, and the man behind

A twenty-six year old dynamo, Gavin has nearly fourteen years of experience behind the lens. He’s energetic, passionate, and known for cinematic images, large wall portraits, and refined digital workflow. In between studio work, Gavin takes his wife and tw0 kids on road trips, exploring, making images, and teaching photographers throughout the US.

Gavin’s work has been featured in venues such as Rick Sammon’s Digital Wedding Secrets, leading imaging podcasts, Venue magazine, The Good Life, the PPA Loan Collection, and more. Gavin loves experimenting with new ways to leverage dynamic range, light, and pixels. Attendees have come from as far as London, England, for Gavin’s workshops. He is passionate about making images as perfect as they can be, and he understands how to control quality on a deep level.

Thoughts from Gavin:
LR is today’s super tool of photographic editing. It does the essentials faster, leaving your time free for the really refined edits. Maybe you’re new and need the basics. Maybe you’re already using LR, but want to take it to another level. No matter where you are with LR, if you want more efficiency and creativity in your editing, then LR Ninja is for you.

Each in depth workshops focuses on different areas of LR. Not too long, not too expensive, these present an opportunity for powerful, effective learning in which you can watch what’s happening on the screen, work hands on, and review as much as you need. The various workshops address everything from LR basics, to leveraging the power of LR in your workflow and manipulating light and pixels at a deep level. Just choose the workshops you need, and you’re in like Flynn.

  • You should have a computer with a broadband internet connection as the HD video files are sizable. Each workshop is approximately 1GB.

Below are samples of Gavin’s work. Visit Seim Studios see Gavin’s latest projects and for his fine art tutorials.

Sunsets Hidden Falls. Yosemite National Park. Fall 2010. By Gavin Seim. Initial process in LR. Detail work with PS.

Lightroom Workshop - Seim Sample1

Bull of the Mists, by Gavin Seim. Initial process, LR Only.

Commissioned wedding portrait, by Gavin Seim. 2009.

Photo Workshop - Gavin Seim

Nature & Industry: A gentle sunset over a coal power plant in Wyoming. by Gavin Seim. Processed in LR & PS.

Lightroom Workshop - Gavin Seim

River Queen. 2010, by Gavin Seim. B&W in LR. Detail work added in PS.

Lightroom Workshop CA

Untitled, by Gavin Seim. Test silver process, LR only. Pending work.

LR Workshop - Underwater by Seim

Siren of Lake Chelan, by Gavin Seim. Commissioned Portrait.

Lightroom Workshop - Seim Sample2

Calm at Firehole Spring, 2010 Yellowstone, by Gavin Seim. Initial process in LR, channel toning. Detail work in PS.


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