ColorFlow: A presets collection dedicated to beautiful color – It puts the nuances & hues at your fingertips, backed by the power of Aperture. Inspired by film, cinema and color itself, ColorFlow includes endless possibilities in one powerful collection.

  • 5 categories of POWERFUL color tools.
  • Subtle to Bold. ColorFlow is balanced.
  • Customize – Mix and blend effects.
  • Free updates and effects refinements.
  • Organized for workflow and creativity.
  • Amazing Seim Real Service & support.
  • 60+ presets for Apple Aperture® 3+


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qualityQuality: Few are passionate about image quality as Gavin Seim. ColorFlow is a toolkit focused on breathtaking color and artisan quality.
workflowWorkflow: From large batches to single images – ColorFlow is an easy to use organized system that works on it’s own, or side by side with Gavin’s other Aperture tools like LightFlow.
balanceBalance: Refined tools that will keep you creative and efficient – ColorFlow is repetitive over processed junk.It’s color with possibilities for photographers who want the best from subtle to bold. Mix, blend, tweak.
versatileVersatility: ColorFlow was not just designed for a handful of demo images. It’s a toolkit testes for versatility. Heavily testes tools, preset notations to simplify mixing. ColorFlow makes brilliant color easy.
infinateInfinite: Mix, match and adjust for the perfect look. Run batches or add powerful toning effects. Tools can be used solo or blended. If the mix goes too far, just reset or press Option as you apply a new effect.
inspiredInspired by Color: Great color starts by understanding color – Gavin has spent years refining his knowledge of color channels, blends and nuances. This comes to light in it’s vast array of tools in ColorFlow that make color dance.

Real Customer Reviews..


“An excellent set of 60+ presets for Aperture 3 – clever implementation”
Derrick Story, The Digital Story

“Amazing array! Thanks for keeping us Aperture 3 folks well-equipped” – Keith Currie

I took the plunge and bought them….have edited all day with them…they are truly good and useful” – Michael M. Cohen

“They are undoubtedly the most valuable tool in my digital tool box.” – Andrew, AWJ Photography.

“An excellent set of 60+ presets for Aperture 3 – clever implementation”
Derrick Story, The Digital Story

“I purchased Aperture 3, and soon came across your excellent presets for Aperture. They are significantly better than any bundled presets or any I have found on the internet.” – David W

“Perfect set! Simply the best presets bundle for Aperture users.” – Yavnkp Photography.

“I FINALLY got your Aperture Presets.. And I must say, FANTASTIC work my friend” – N Butler.

“Your stuff is wonderful and tops the list of my favorites”
Jennifer Clark


 A Color Masters Toolkit:

ad_cfl_300 In the early days the science of color brought challenge and reward to those who mastered it’s craft. The techniques may have changed, but the subtleties of what make our eyes respond to color have not. Designed by photographic and digital veteran Gavin Seim, ColorFlow is in a class of it’s own for creativity and color refinement as Gavin crosses over from the Lightroom world and brings his color science to Apple Aperture.

It all started years ago with award winning photographer Gavin Seim’s Lightroom presets, the bit of everything editing pack used by photographers from around the world. Years later came Lightflow, one of the first commercial Aperture editing packs in the industry. But Gavin wanted to take color further. So he went to work on a new collection of effects dedicated to harnessing color at deep levels. Whether you want a bold tone or a color shift that a viewer does not even realize is there, ColorFlow puts the science of digital color, channels and experience at your fingertips.

Endless Color & Control. In ColorFlow the hard work has been done and you can leverage the subtleties of color in your own way, mixing, matching, and adjusting on your terms. It’s a little hard to describe what’s inside because it’s surprising how many stunning variations of color you can achieve using Aperture. Check out the Virtual Demo tab for more examples.

The Guarantee: People love Gavin’s photo tools and his service. We think you will too. So much so that Gavin stands behind it. Purchase Seim Effects and if your workflow and creativity does not improve, just send Gavin an email ( within 30 days and we;’ll personally refund your money. Or if you wish, exchange for another product. No hassles, no hard sell.

Thoughts from Gavin Seim: “Color is a powerful thing with far more subtlety than we often give it credit for. ColorFlow represents that color. I Set aside the distractions and focused color alone. I sat down and looked deeper at the color, inspired by what we had developed in Color Fantasies 2 for Lightroom. I studied film, cinema and history. I looked for colors that can be bold or nearly unnoticed as they capture the eyes and lead you through a scene. This is ColorFlow and There’s nothing else like it” – Gavin Seim.

Try the Virtual Demo:

Below you can try each of effect in ColorFlow. We use a single image example here so you can see how each effect alters the image and how versatile they are. Note that you can also mix and match effects for endless variety. This is just meant to give you some examples.






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I was born in WA USA. I started working pro (using that word loosely as I sucked) using film at age 16. It was not easy to find training then and often I beat my head against the wall to win. 20+ years in the trenches earned me my Masters (M.Photog) from PPA but it taught me that's just the start.

I moved to Mexico in 2017, exploring the magical light of the South, creating tools and workshops as well as the Pro Photo Podcast. There's lots of videos and free things here. If you have questions I'm here to help

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