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Double your dynamic range on single files.

HDR should not be nasty and overcooked! I'm Gavin and I used every HDR method. But wanted natural HDR without plugins, or bracketing! I created NHDR and spent years refining recipes that work natively as presets in Lightroom + Capture One. Get shadow and light without without beating it to death and max dynamic range on every file.

much more pleasing in my opinion than tone mapping; … I give Seim presets a 5 star rating…

Chris Boynton

Get Natural HDR 4

Includes: Natural HDR For Lightroom, PS RAW + Capture One

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Buy natural HDR complete and get the 31-day Iron Guarantee.

We know you've probably been burned on bad photo tools. Gavin designs and stands behind every product here. Try it 7 days. If after that you are dissatisfied, send us an email within the 31 days of purchase and let us know the problem. We’ll fix it, exchange it, or refund your money. No worries.

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We're passionate about great tools and always working. In version dot updates are always free as we refine the product for you. When a whole new version arrives, existing users are also given a 50% off upgrade price.

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Gavin is always here to help from his YouTube channel to personal product support. Check out the help page first Just and then drop an email if you have any problems.


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NHDR4: Create epic dynamic range and detail with Natural HDR 4 from single files without stacking or nasty HDR side effects. A go to dynamic range pack for any kind of photography.

PowerFlow7: The speed editing pack. It does everything from creative colors to B&W and hash light fixers. Perfect for workflow and creative sessions. It's the original pro presets pack that started in 2007.

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Been burned before? Let me know where and I'll send a free NHDR4 starter pack to play with right now!


Why 1 file HDR gives you better results.

Overcooked HDR makes photos look scorched and nasty. It took me years of working with and teaching HDR techniques to refine the formula for great dynamic range that works on any single file. People said that was crazy and I stuck to my guns and the result speaks for itself. Better results in less time. It's the power of leveraging the native tools in our apps.  

Natural HDR 4 gives you the power to reveal every drop of your light without crushed tones, or overdone color. Perfect skies, skin, streets, and BALANCE. It takes you where you need go fast, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Every file is different, so Natural HDR lets you find the formulas you need in seconds instead of hours.

  • 80+ Non-Destructive dynamic range presets work on your original files!
  • NEW: DynaFast: Remastered and improved one click editing for ANY photo
  • NEW: SilverHDR: BW conversions dedicated to amazing rich dynamics!
  • NEW: Ai tools in LR that give you magic in seconds*
  • NEW: Drops: Mix blends instantly change tone or color, leaving the rest alone.
  • NEW Everything: V4 is rebuilt,  from portraits, landscape and atmospheric street tools. .
  • V4 uses every native tool for powerful ultra clean HDR that you can edit your way.
  • XFast mods: Quickly add grain, vignettes and more while leaving your look alone. 

Works in LR6-CC > LR Web/Mobile > PS Camera RAW > Capture 1 || Mac or Windows
Note that AI tools are only available in the 2022 version for LR, LR Classic and Camera Raw


Thank You Gavin for everything.

Thank You Gavin for everything. The update works like all your other presets, GREAT. A lot of work on your part. Love them.

Jerry Golab

Your presets are wonderful. I use them all the time to enhance my images. Thank you for creating great products!

BJ Spanos

Just bought Natural HDR 2, a few minutes ago. A quick test, and I am already convinced it is truly a game changing toolkit.

Carlos Paula

I love all of them...

I have NHDR 4.0, BlackRoom, and Lumist. I love all of them.

Vipul Patel

The new updates are amazing

Hi Gav Just wanted to say the new updates are amazing. Love the HDR boost and curves.

Gary Davis

much more pleasing in my opinion than tone mapping; … I give Seim presets a 5 star rating…

Chris Boynton

Dyna-Fast: Ultra one-clicks.  
Make dynamic range easy no matter what you shoot with instant dynamic range extraction and light balance fixes to get your HDR right, in seconds. .

Ai masks + Dynamic-Drops:
New powerful quick modes focus on color mix or on tone, leaving the other settings alone. Then transform skies and more with fast Ai grads and masks.

Silver-HDR and bold color:
From clean ultra wide dynamic range.  Atmospheric street color, portraits or the new Silver-HDR black and white, Natural HDR 4 includes it all.

*Note that some tools like Ai Masking are only available in the latest versions of LR. But for legacy and Capture 1 users we tweak everything as finely as we can get to constant rich HDR across every software you use.


ONE RAW file is so full of  magic!

Like negatives in our film cameras, RAW files are not meant to be ready "out of the camera". Natural HDR can edit a merged or blended or bracket file. It can edit a JPEG. But for the best results, a simple RAW file gives You the control.

Let me tell you story. In the early days we were overthinking HDR. We were so focused on stacking files and special software that was more about that gritty style. But in time I realized HDR was ONLY about light. The rest was just a personal choice and was often over-done. So I solved the one file HDR puzzle and today its' unreal what's inside a single file.

7 Years of tinkering and formulating has made Natural HDR 4 amazing for any photo. Whether a gentle dynamic range balance or an intense RAW to print conversion like this.

YOU can create this shot from RAW to ready in 15 seconds with Natural HDR!

Expose well and use good formulas. That's what HDR needs. It's nothing you can't do yourself given enough tinkering. But my Natural HDR 4 makes those formulas easy for you. It puts them into presets or styles that work like magic in your editing apps.

Natural-looking HDR is best from a single file - How am I getting so much light from single files? If you watch the training video below shows you hands-on. The best part is there is no catch and it's not hard.

HDR was never supposed to be a messy over-cooked "style". IN the early days I watched with frustration as most of us taught it wrong. HDR was made into an eddy, usually ugly trend instead of teaching the formulas and concepts of using tone.

So For the past 7 years, I've been refining the formulas for perfect dynamic range on any file. Now with the latest versions for LR and C1, we can do more than ever! It's unreal and it works, in single files, on any type of photo.

You don't want your photos to look like mine. You want them to look like yours!

Natural HDR 4 works by giving you tested, well-planned dynamic range formulas. It's using the native tools in our software. That means no plugins, no hassles. It means you can tweak it your way and make it your own.

You could spend hours doing this the hard way and tinker for years, re-treading where I've trudged. For some of you, that might be a fun journey. But I'm guessing you love shooting, not endless editing, right?

You'll see why you get better results faster with NHDR4. Guaranteed.

Buy Natural HDR Now!

From the softest pastel beach portraits, to rich contrasted  landscapes to to dark streets and reception halls, epic sunsets, and after dark strobes. Everything is at you're fingertips in NHDR4 and it will pay for itself immediately.

Download Natural HDR now and I'm here if you need any help - Gavin

- Presets for LR Classic, Mobile LR6 -
- LUTS for OnOne, Affinity and Video -
- Capture One Styles pack -

- Free training video - 

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Silver4: A lot of our users start here. Fast rich BW conversions in LR, Camera RAW or C1. Use Silver for editing single images or groups with fast tone-rich results using the preset system that started it all.

NHDR4: Create epic dynamic range and detail with Natural HDR 4 from single files without stacking or nasty HDR side effects. A go to dynamic range pack for any kind of photography.

PowerFlow7: The original speed editing pack. This one does everything and is perfect for workflow days when you need to edit weddings or session. But it's also filled with creative fun styles.

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I'm Gavin Seim. I'm a Shadow Hunter

I started photography in 1997 at age 12. I'm a PPA Master, Hot One and Loan Collection winner and Lightroom expert. My images, tools and workshops have been featured in books and publications throughout the industry.

I was born in WA USA. I started working pro (using that word loosely as I sucked) using film at age 16. It was not easy to find training then and often I beat my head against the wall to win. 20+ years in the trenches earned me my Masters (M.Photog) from PPA but it taught me there's a lot more to learn.

Wanting something calmer, I moved to Mexico in 2017, exploring the magical light of the South while creating new tools and workshops as well as video and the Pro Photography Podcast.

You're rightly skeptical of photography tools in today's market. That's why all sales are NOT FINAL here. I guarantee each tool and workshop with my 31 day No-Regrets Guarantee! There's lots of videos, podcasts and free things here. So look around and if you have questions I'm here to help -- 
Gavin Seim

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Gavin Seim

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