A Free Photoshop Action For Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Hey all you Seim Effects, and Pro Photo Show fans. You may have already seen this on the PPS site but for those over here at Seim Effects I just wanted to wish a great Christmas, and post up a link to a free photo shop action.I made a special Photoshop Action just for the occasion called Christmas Glow. It’s a nice effect that will make that Christmas tree photo look great, along with anything else that you want a nice smooth effect on. It’s great for portraits, even for a landscape effect, or just about anything else.

It’s not a big gift, but I know most of you have Photoshop, and it’s something I could give to you all. It should work on CS2, and CS3. For earlier versions just try it and see, it’s free after all! Have merry Christmas and a happy New Year… Gav

~Download Christmas Glow Free Photoshop Action~

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5 thoughts on “A Free Photoshop Action For Christmas.

  1. Thank you so much for this action, this looks great!
    I just found your blog today.. I watched your video on your presets and they look amazing!

  2. Hey Buddy,
    Im going to purchase your Lghtroom actions cause I need all the help i can get. I also listen to your podcast all the time, expect that you haven`t been doing your thing lately, since you got married. ;-{ just tell your wife that we here in podcast world is in need of Gavin time also. LOL
    oh and by the way, I started my own Photography Business just 2 years ago here in New York, just by listening to all the Photography Podcast. and I must say that I`m doing pretty good at it thanks to you guys, check out my website.
    (www.photosinmotion-ny.com) tell me what you think. Take care and I hope to download your next episode very soon.
    Mario Salinas

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