How to Windproof Your Lightstands. Without Sandbags.

Setting up strobes outside, especially with an with an umbrella or softbox can quickly turn into a fiasco of tipping. Not ideal when your trying to get a job done before the light changes or subjects start calling you names. I put this together last summer while planning a family session with over forty people. One common method is to use sandbags, but I wanted something small, light and adaptable. Behold, my DIY quick release light stand cords.

I left these up all afternoon without reservation. They make even portable stands VERY stable and should handle heavy winds. Do some tests of your own and if in doubt just add a few extra cords to make it as strong as you need. I found three per stand was adequate. Obviously these are not the best choice for paved surfaces, but in most situations they’re fast and effective.

Cost in only $5-10 to make a set of three and they can also be used to tether other things as well. Here’s is a good video on how to tie the Tautline Hitch. Also here’s the tent spikes I like, here’s nylon cord and here are some S hooks (you can also get them at your local hardware store). Enjoy… Gav

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3 thoughts on “How to Windproof Your Lightstands. Without Sandbags.

  1. Great Idea!

    but seams to be a tripping risk. Did you try other configurations to reduce the risk? i.e. maybe drill the holes mid height on the central tube and have the spike in between the legs? this would not be as stable as your config, but would lower the risk.

    • Everything has a risk. You just have to pay attention. Light stands in and of themselves are a tripping risk. Like you say, you could take the line more straight down with the same principal, but it would reduce your stability substantially.

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