5 Ways to Make Better Photos With Your Mind!

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It’s not about where you are. It’s about how you light.

In today’s Photographic School video we get away from fancy gear and software. We’re going to talk about 5 things you should be using in your mind. Applying these factors will guarantee you better images EVERY time!

We’ll look at 5 images that have all merited at the PPA International Photographic Competition. Watch the video and look at a specific factors in each image that can be applied to any image any time and help build our ability to craft award winning photos images both before and after we release the shutter.

We dig even more deeply into these concepts in the EXposed and PHOTOGRAPHICS series.

Great images start not in the camera but in the mind. Today we’re going to see how!

— Gav

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  • Brian McGougan says:

    Hi Gavin,

    I would like to say that i really enjoyed todays Presentation. I particularly liked the way you pointed out the Simplicity of thinking the shot through. I for one was a volume photography guy until one day i woke up and realised all the time i was wasting in volume shooting. It`s amazing the actual time you save by looking for that one photograph even though it`s taken all day to achieve one decent Image. This also teaches you how to really use your head and the Camera/lens etc to achieve something close to Perfection. Photography is there for us to let others see exactly what we were thinking of when we took the Shot. In essence it`s far easier to have your work appreciated by one image rather than skipping through tons of snapping rather than true imag Capture.

    I love your stuff gavin. Please keep up the good work.


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