2010 Seim Effects/PPS Christmas Freebie Pack.

Wow another year has gone by. Crazy stuff.  It’s been a busy year here and I’m thankful. Seim Effects keeps growing by leaps and the new products have done great thanks to all of you. There’s more good stuff in the works. In the growth of Seim Effects I hope that the focus of what I do here has stayed strong. Good products and the great service to along with them.

Anyways on to the goodies. Merry Christmas to all of you. This years freebie pack has something for just about everyone and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Lets take a peek.

Lightroom Presets:

  • Color Years: I made this to look back on the refinements and experiments I did with color this year. It’s a subtle but delicious color twist that will work on a variety of images.
  • Silver Grains: 2010 Was a big year for editing. LR3 and Aperture, CS5, better RAW processing. For me a growing passion for black and white. I have lots of new Silver tones in the pipes, but here’s a rich silver effect with smooth blacks and bold tones.

Aperture Presets:

  • Color Years: 2010 was the year presets finally came to aperture. I’m working with it and have a full collection in the works, but I made the Color Years effect for you today. It works very similar to the LR version.
  • Silver Grains: I decided to keep it simple, so this is also similar to the LR version. Of course the programs process a little different, but the concept was the same.

Adobe In Design Album Template: You’ll need Adobe InDesign for this. But it’s a big one, so even if you have to download a demo from Adobe, give it a shot. InDesign is how I make albums and it’s blazing fast. Makes Photoshop for album design look like a slug on the Interstate. UPDATE: The main album file is CS5 only. I updated the download to 1.1 and included a .idml file for CS4 users. More info in the download.

More details on all this stuff in the What’s Inside” document included in the download, which I’ll give you right now. Enjoy… Gav

Download Christmas Pack v1.1 – Zip

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  • katie says:

    Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you too 🙂

  • Jeb F says:

    Thanks as always !!

    BTW….PW3 saves me wicked amounts of time !!

  • Paul g says:

    Thanks! Just found your website… will come back often!

  • Derrick says:

    Joined this year…Many thanks and a joyous holiday to you and yours.

  • Linda J says:

    Many thanks for this. Love your presets and use them a lot – big time saving

  • jonah koch says:

    Gavin, As always thank you for your holiday gift. I will be sure to wait until 25th to unzip the pack. When are we going to get you back east for a seminar. I know we do not have all that western beauty but I am sure we can find something to point a camera at.
    All the best and happy holidays,

  • Gavin Seim says:

    You bet, and thank you all for taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed them. Merry Christmas… Gav

  • Carolyn Cloe says:

    Thank you – I really enjoy your presets!

  • jodie kampen says:

    thanks gav! Love all your presets and freebies!! Happy holidays

  • Karen says:

    im new here..im trying to learn how to do the tricks on pictures..i hope you could help me out!thanks!

  • der einbeinige says:

    das Jahr ist rum und ick bin hier……..vielen Dank und besinnliche Weihnacht….Gruß aus Berlin

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