Buy Seim Effects. Give One to a Friend. Save 35%

Seim Effects makes a great gift for your photographer friends. And when you’re buying a second copy as a gift, you can save. Buy any Seim Effects product and get 35% off the purchase of the same product for a friend. We’ll even include a note from you.

Just send an email to after you buy your copy at regular or bundle price. You can also have bought your copy in the past. Just let us know what it is when you email for your discount code.

You can also include a note that you want us to send with the download. We’ll send you a promo code for the gift item and once you order, Gavin will personally send the gift download, along with your personal note to the recipient. Or you can send the download yourself by directing the download email to a friend when ordering.

If you’re giving as a Christmas Gift you can even let us know and we’ll send it on Christmas morning. It’s a simple way to give to friends and a great way to share your favorite photo tools.

If you have any questions let me know… Gav

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