Watch this Close Up Lighting with a Single LED Panel.

I wanted to make this great image of espresso extraction and I wanted it with a single light setup using a light like this. — I used that light to my advantage to get great depth and shadow dimension and in this weeks video we look at how I did it.

This does not just apply to close up objects however. You can use a single light to do amazing things with any subject. I rarely use more than one or two lights, because simplicity gives me flexibility. Enjoy and please subscribe to Photographic School.

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And here is the finished image…

Gavin Seim - Expresso Extraction

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  • Art Beck says:

    Enjoyed your video of espresso extraction but unable to locate the “info tab” to find out about the light used.


  • Cristina says:

    Gavin , do you have any suggestions for a Continuous Lighting Kit for a home studio… a 6-9 socket kind strong enough for portraits in a small home studio?

    • Gavin Seim says:

      I would looks an and LED panel like the one I talked about in the video (

      That said I’ve also been considering what could be done with std LED bulbs. They are getting pretty cheap at places like Lowes and I use them all over my house. It would take a to of them to make strobe strength light, but for simple portrait setups, maybe. I don’t like CFL’s much and incandescent’s are good but very hot.

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