How to Get Great Light!

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In today’s video we’re going to look at six lighting conditions and talk about the 3 ways to use light. — I talk a lot in my workshops about Zones, tones and planning our images. Today we get to look at years of images from the same scene and the journey to getting the perfect light. We photographers are not controlling light like they could be! And it all starts in how we see and plan our images. Whether it’s a landscape or a portrait. They work the same!

This all boils down to 3 choices. Take it! Make it! Or wait for it! Watch video and then remember these tips.

  • If you light you want is not right, look for another perspective that is perfectly lit. Take it.
  • If it’s a must have like a portrait, try adding light or filter it with a translucent. Even a bed sheet can soften beautifully.
  • ¬†You don’t need a hundred mediocre photos. Just one amazing one. A cloud or a sunset can change everything. Wait it out.

— Seim