Pro Photo Show #100 – The Christmas Show

The Pro Photo Show podcast just hit it’s 100th episode and this years Christmas show is filled with tips, marketing idea and amazing gadgets. Watch it below from the live feed. You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

MP3 Audio>> Photography Podcast. PPS #100 – Christmas

Today’s Panel… Gavin Seim Jason Eldridge | Gokhan Cukerova
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Picks of the season…

The Sony A7R II looks really interesting. Serious competition for the Canon 5Ds

The Pentax 645Z does as well.

1000 Lumen LED Studio Light.

Bug Tamer Plus Parka

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Hoya r-72 filter

Power Tec W10 Spark flashlight.

32in LED Light Bar for vehicles.

Phottix Strato flash triggers.

Rocky Snake Boots

Gokhan custom Wood boxes.

Epson Label Works printer.

Tripp Lite backup UPS power supply.

Induro CT-213 8X Carbon Tripod

-- Featured product -- Natural HDR 2 Presets