Stop worrying about High ISO noise and do this instead.

In Lightroom, Capture One RAW, ISO noise is a big problem… Or is it?

There are lots of De-Noise tools. I’ve owned most and reviewed more thru the years. The story behind me obsessing over noise goes back to the early RAW processing days and I’ll show you in today’s video how to avoid that pasty digital noise reduction look and switch it for a rich detailed film look.

I made you noise and grain filmic preset for Lightroom and a style Capture One.

This week’s discovery is so important that I made a free UPDATE for FILMIST with what I discovered. I even updated the Filmist FREE pack to include one of the presets.

Get Filmist complete or FREE here and download my detail and noise preset I’m using in the video. I made it as a Lightroom preset or a Capture One Style.


How to correctly reduce noise and use grain in LR and C1

There are two kinds of noise. Luminance and color. Both need some processing, but NOT as people think. Noise will be the friend you’re looking for to make photos amazing. I started exploring these detail techniques when I made the filmic looks for my Silver 4 black and white presets pack.

I explore this idea more when I made the new Natural HDR 4 presets as I created formulas like Night Mode preset for dark photos.

Then I saw it! That’s what this week’s video is about.

Great edits are about the formulas and how we use light. Whether you make your own or start with tools like mine. To that end, I’ve been tinkering more explain the solution to most noise problems. Including worms and artifacts that can plague our files.

So today I’m finally going to show you what I discovered about the noise that turned into a little workshop of its own. Watch the new video and I’ll make this easy. It doesn’t really matter what RAW editor you use.

Watch the video…

This works like magic and it’s why you need to STOP removing your noise and start leveraging it in your photography. Leave a comment if you have questions and I’ll see you next time.

Gavin Seim

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