3 Easy fixes you’re getting Wrong in your photography!

In todays video I’m going to show you 3 simple things and explain why you are probably getting them wrong in your photography on a regular basis.

More importantly I’m going to show you how to fix them and change how you shoot daily with a few simple tricks. Let’s get right to this weeks video because you should watch every tip.

In this video you see me using among others, Silver, Filmist, and Natural HDR. Grab the frees sampler pack of each and also check out Signature 4 actions for you Photoshop users.

1. When you stop looking away the magic happens in your lens.

I tip one you can see how powerful the sun is when used in this way. Just being aware of the sun on this level will change how you frame and see your photos.

When you really start to use it it becomes second nature and only you will be the one deciding how to use atmosphere and shadow together with the light.

Each of these photos is different in look and in how it was edited, But each follow tip #1 to make the shot.

A simple Ektar Gen 2 like edit in Filmist and elimination of what photographers keep getting wrong from tip #1
Here the edit is more intense on this single RAW file edited with Natural HDR presets. But the result works.
It this candid scene, the sim is bright but using tips one and 2 and editing with GoldChrome brings the shot to life.

2. Everyone wants to go light but we’re going darker like movie directors.

What I showed you in tip 2 is gold. It requires that you throw out the biases that many of us learned from digital photography when when you do your photos will improve more every day. \

Yes it’s that important and it’s amazingly something that’s being virtually ignored ion the pho5t industry whish is what separates us shadow hunters from people obeying their cameras. Stop obeying your camera!

This one makes no apologies. It’s a bold Cyrotype of the kind I can only make with Emulsion actions and the darkness is apparent in every pixel.
This street photo is one of the favorites in my career. But without tip 2, it honestly gets really boring. BlackRoom actions helped take the conversion and atmosphere to the next level.

People have souls and so should your photo’s.

In tip 3 of the video I think I explained this well. You well me. What I so know is using this level of candidness results in many failed photos and should not replace having the confidence to aim a camera directly.

That said, being skills at this method will give you street photos, wedding and moments that cannot be capture any other way and that’s why every photographer should master this technique.

I hope you gained something from todays 3 tips to improve your photography now and that you’ll leave a comment – Gavin Seim

Notice how the eyes look at me, not at the camera but with no sense of posing. And simple use of Street’ist presets and done.
Tip 3 helps me capture culture and freeze time in a way nothing else can. In 50 years these kind of photos will be important,.

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