Hollywood style in LR / RAW / C1: Belladonna 2 is our epic cinematic pack. A workflow ready collection that gives you practical and bold Hollywood grades for smooth epic scenes that look high budget and beautiful. Belladonna 2 makes complex cinema style easy. Its the result of refining presets for a decade and uses complex mixes to do the heavy lifting while creating beautiful delicious looks. From smooth portraits, blends and perfect skin tone mixes to incredible colors that give your photos that Hollywood magic. Bella 2 takes the the dangerous color; and makes it easy, balanced, and epic.

  • Works in LR / Photoshop Camera Raw / Capture 1
  • 60+ great tools and styles that you’ll actually use
  • New, Bella Cinema: Epic cinematic blends for every image.
  • New, Remastered classics: Every look is refined or new in Bella 2.
  • Suave and ready: For weddings, a sexy portrait or a streetcar.
  • Fix and Mod: Bella toolbox gives you fast adjustment mods.
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Why Belladonna 2?

Are you a photographer that loves great light, but gets a little bored of the fact that most camera produce the same bland looking files and most presets do little more than bump the color and contrast, or worse, tools that are to intense and look like garbage on most images? Bella 2 is the Cinematic editing room of our amazing color pack trio that also includes Filmist and Muse.

Bella 2 focuses on cinematic looks from natural  to bold, but with that smooth Hollywood color grade quality. It also brings practical mods and Fixers to keep your workflow moving when you nee do get session out the door. It's a well rounded collection that you'll keep coming back to.

Bella Cinema: Hollywood spends millions on color graders because the ability to edit rich and still balance is hard. Bella 2 brings you a wide array of color grades from natural top bold that has been tested and tested and refined to make amazing color easier.

Power Classics: The roots of Belladonna go back to out color fantasies collection from nearly 15 years ago. We’ve come a long ways and Bella 2 is filled with remasted classic color effects that you can just mix and try out until you find your look.

Problem Solvers +Mods: Sometimes it’s not perfect in Camera and Bella toolbox gives you remastered fast fixers for ugly light, more tones and then ads fresh new mods you can apply to any look like film grain and vignettes. Color magic with workflow in mind.


“Awesome presets!!” – Ann Allison-Coté

much more pleasing in my opinion than tone mapping; … I give Seim presets a 5 star rating… – Chris Boynton

“Your presets are wonderful. I use them all the time to enhance my images. Thank you for creating great products!” BJ Spanos

Try Them Out!

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