Power Workflow Presets System.Gavin Seim's EXposed Workshop.Get Classic Vinyl Lightroom Presets


Power Workflow Presets System.Gavin Seim's EXposed Workshop.Get Classic Vinyle Lightroom Presets


Elegance Lightroom Brushes.Color Fantasies 2 LR Presets.Silver Shadows 2 LR Presets



Hi I’m Gavin Seim. A portraitist, pictorialist and educator from beautiful Central Washington. I started studying photography at age twelve before digital was king and I grew upĀ  mastering it. Our goal at Seim Effects is to help photographers be more creative and profitable by providing world class workshops, processing tools and inspiring content. We’re a quality and service oriented company. People love our products because every one is a labor of love. We’re so confident in that we GUARANTEE them!

About Seim: An internationally recognized photographer and educator renown for his experience with tone, wall decor and the digital darkroom. Seim teaches as he tours around the US with his family, studying technique and making new images. He is host of the Pro Photo Show and Photographic School. He’s passionate about making the perfect image and efficient technique that doesn’t compromise.


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