Lets Get Ugly | Gavin Seim’s Flickr HDR Skit

by Gavin Seim: I decided it was time for some fun. And I really did have fun with this skit. I say ENOUGH of those ho hum screen casts explaining things we need to know. It’s time to do something revolutionary with photos. Lets get UGLY.

Really though. Lets remember HDR is NOT a style. It’s about light and managing it well. And once your done with this, you can find my real HDR videos right here. Or check out the EXposed Workshop and really take charge of the light.

Amaze your friends. Download the free Flickr HDR presets 😉

– Download these ultra ugly presets –

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  • Patrik says:

    Hehe! That´s hilarious m8!..:P
    I´ve seen some really good HDR-images done with lot´s of thinking and mindwork behind using up to 5-7 exposures…and I have also seen the dark side of HDR…and you´ve nailed that part alright! 😀
    I started down that road when I got my first DSLR…and stopped almost instantly because the results made me want to sell the camera. Now…I wont say that I´m not going to test it again…but I´ll definetly take the serious approach,. choose my object carefully, keep tweaking to a minimum – and keep my sanity. Have a good one m8!

  • LOL. made my afternoon 🙂

  • Excellent, I love it….I can be an HDR Pro too! Thank you Gavin, You’re a Pro!

  • ManualDSLR says:

    Very funny, and just a little scary 🙂 I think a know a “professional photographer” who has used these presets (on every shot, no less).

  • Dimitri Stroh says:

    Nice… finally i became realy a pro…

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