Silver Shadows 2 Featured in Digital Photo, Shutterbug Magazines.

Silver Shadows 2 presets are my complete black and white system for Lightroom. In the news in recent months, it launched late in 2011 and it’s also been given a free update recently to version 2.2, an update that includes new features and full Lightroom 4 compatibility. I’m thankful for our press agent who’s been helping spread the word and for my customers who’ve had nothing but good things to say about it.

Silver Shadows 2 was featured in Joe Farace’s Shutterbug column in the March issue as well as the gear section of Digital Photo in the April issue. They even featured a portrait example of my son Asher that I had added to the press kit.

It’s really exciting to see years of refinement and work getting some press. Click images for larger views. If want to learn more about the collection visit the product page.. Thanks, Gavin

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