The Return of REAL Service – We Take the Pledge

Gavin Seim - 4x5I’m Gavin Seim – I’d like to introduce something to you today called REAL Service. It’s not new. In fact used to be pretty common. But rare now and I’ve decided to back it with further action. We’ve always cared about service here, but it’s time to make it official and to take a stand against lousy service. To take a REAL Service pledge.

I’ve had it with the lack of service from today’s businesses large and small. Rude, non resolving service, people hanging up on you, ignoring your problems, making excuses, rolling their eyes, saying it’s not their job. I get it all the time.

I started working the family store when I was about ten and by age thirteen was the manager of cellular phone sales at Grant’s. Those were the early days of cell phones. Analog hand programming. Customer resolution. I gained an honest understanding of service and I am shocked by the terrible lack of it today.

I’m on a mission to not only improve service at Seim Studios, but to talk openly about Real Service – Bad service is generally done to save a buck. But it’s not worth it. It costs more in the long run and it’s wrong. Real Service always pays off.

What do I mean by Real Service? I mean satisfied customers. Things like our phone number in the upper left so you can contact us directly. Actually caring and resolving customer issues, even if it means we have to put in overtime. I mean not nickel-and-diming people for support, a glass of water or an extra packet of mustard sauce – Give Them the Pickle.

Real Service is the opposite of what companies like Adobe, US Bank, AT&T and countless others are giving me lately. Much like freedom, it seems some are forgetting about it. Not here – I won’t make the excuse that I don’t have the resources to help you or that I only have time for email support. I operate in both retail photography, software tools and education. I’m here to tell everyone that a company has no excuse, none, for not giving full service.

  • There is NO excuse for not responding to emails.
  • There is NO excuse for not having a contact phone number easily available.
  • There is NO excuse for blaming for others and leaving the customer unhappy.
  • There is NO excuse for circular phone menus that waste the customers time.
  • There is NO excuse for charging the customer in any fashion because your company messed up.

I am Gavin Seim and here at Seim Studios we offer Real Service. Whether you bought a portrait, a workshop, software and anything else. No matter how busy we get. We take this pledge.

REAL Service is not something computers do for you – It’s not something from a book, or a line in a policy manual – It’s not an excuse – Service means YOU raise a finger, a hand and sometimes even an arm or a leg. You do the footwork, you look into the problem and you do your dang level best to resolve it – You make the customer happy. That’s service. That’s what we pledge to strive for – If we miss that mark, we ask that you remind us.

I’ve put in in words. This is the ideal we operate on here. So if you you have a question, a problem or feedback, just visit this page and get in touch. Or just phone be direct. 509-951-4860.

Everyone is welcome to use the Real Service pledge for their own business. I hope other businesses will join us in making a commitment to our customers. And when you find a business that is giving great service, don’t forget to let them know you appreciate it, leave them a great review and keep the momentum going.

Lets put an end to cruddy service and start demanding more.

Sincerely, Gavin Seim, Owner – Seim Effects, Seim Studios, Atomic Feather Engineering.

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