Using Lightroom for Projecting and Print Sales:

by Gavin Seim: I’m a Lightroom fanatic, but with my recent expansion into projecting proofs to sell larger prints and increase my sales, I started looking at software for projecting scaled images using my digital projector. The choices were limited. Whats being using now, is expensive software like Prism Projector, or Pro Select. These are good for some, but cost hundreds of dollars and have a bigger problem in that it throws a curve ball into a well planned workflow. They make us entirely leave Lightroom for the sales presentation. Not cool.

At first I couldn’t find a way, but I kept experimenting and finally I figured it out. I found I could make special print templates in Lightroom that could be scaled to the screen size and project images to size without ever leaving Lightroom. I call them Projectics.


I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I’m now actively using Lightroom for my proof sessions with great results and no need for external software. No it does not have all the gimmicks and frills that some other sales apps do, but I for one don’t need those.  I just need to project various images and sizes easily and effectively and that’s what LR can do. Using the scaled presets I can change sizes instantly. Then since I’m still in LR I can pick favorites, add things to collections, and even do edits without every leaving my workflow.

In the past I’ve written about using a separate Catalog for each job. There’s no rule you have to do things this way, but it makes more sense all the time. Since I’m sometimes in the studio and sometimes taking my Canon LV7370 on location, it keeps things really simple. I can simply copy the entire catalog for the session onto a portable drive and off I go.

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Yes, I’ve made a collection of these presets to sell. Hey it’s what I do. You could make some yourself, but if that does not sound fun, I’ve done the math and tedious stuff and made a simple set that just works and will continue to be updated. Either way Lightroom is a powerful sales tool and I need no other sales software to proof, project and sell large prints.  Oh and if you want to learn more about the sales concepts of all this, check out this article about selling large Wall Portraits.

Whether you get my presets or not I suggest you head over to the Projectics page and watch the video because it will show you how it all works and how I’ve integrated it into my workflow. The power of Lightroom keeps growing and I thrilled. Time is money, and projecting proofs is a key element in great prints sales and placing beautiful prints on your clients walls… Gav

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