Video. Master Portraitist Ken Whitmire – On Photography

by Gavin Seim: I worked with Ken recently on a promo video for his Wall Portrait Conference (incredible workshop by the way).

So after shooting the clips for the promo, Ken just say down with me and chatted on various topics I prompted him on. I’ve pretty much removed myself from this video and what remains is about 17 minutes of gold, as this renowned portrait photographer talks about out craft and how he see’s it.

Ken’s a really neat guy with more photographic awards than you want to count. But he’s always eager to learn new things and share ideas. It’s really cool. You can also view the HD version HERE.

Note: This post was copy-edited and re-shared in MAy of 2018. Ken passed away in November of 2016, but I left the tense and language as it was when this was originally written.

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  • Ken has nailed it. You are fortunate that he has been your mentor. You will continue to distinguish yourself by following such sage advice.

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