Get a “Lightroom Ninja” Video Workshop for Just $10

Get Gavin Seim's complete LR Essentials video workshop for just $10.

Updated 01/30/12. The free promo ended Jan 29, 2012. But you can still get the workshop at a special discount.

With the introduction of my new LR Ninja video training workshops comes LR training for all levels, Ninja training, if you will. One of the best parts is that you can get LR Essentials, the entire first workshop for just $10. Even if you already use LR, you’ll want this first workshop because there’s something for everyone. Here’s how it works….

How it to get a LR Ninja video workshop for ONLY $10…

The best thing for Seim Effects users can do to help out is to spread the word. That’s why we’re rewarding you for it. All you have to do to get the workshop for only $10.00 is share the Seim Effects Facebook or G+ page on your profile, spreading the word so other people can check out Seim Effects for themselves.

Facebook: Just visit the Seim Effects page. On the bottom left, look for the share text. Click it and share the SE page on your personal profile, an active photo related group, or page. If you like, you to can add a few comments to the share, or just post it. As long as it’s on your wall, you’re golden.

Google+: If you prefer to hang on G+, that’s cool too. Just visit the SE page on G+ and click the “Share This Page” button on the upper left. Share the page with your friends on your personal profile, just like you would on FB.

Getting your discount download: You must share one or both of the pages listed above on your wall. Once you’ve shared, just send Gavin an email, A screenshot of the share is nice, but we’re pretty easy going, so if you say you shared it and where, we’ll take your word for it. Just let Gavin know which page you shared, and he will follow up personally by sending you a coupon to get the first LR Ninja WORKSHOP. That generally happens within 24hours (usually much faster).

A couple guidelines:

You must share the corresponding Seim Effects page on your Facebook or Google+ personal profile, active photo related group, or page. You do not have to share on all, but if you want to say thanks by sharing in more than one place, we appreciate it. Also, while we appreciate you posting links directly to the website, this is to help spread the word on the social networks. You must share either the SE Facebook page or the SE Goggle+ page.

You cannot post the share and then delete it.  This promotion is for the first workshop in the series and is not transferable. Even if you’re already using LR, there’s something in there for you. You cannot exchange the first workshop for one of the others. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.


“What happened to the free download?”

If you’re looking for the freebie download, that was a temporary promotion. You can follow the above instruction and get the workshop for only $10… Gav



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  • Anne-Marie Seve says:

    Already & LR3 user but as you say! every little bit helps!! lol. . Thanx so much!! ;))

  • Steve Kunder says:

    Just shared it on my facebook page, looking forward to the workshop.

  • Gabby Cordoba says:

    Thanks Gavin! Looking forward to learning all that LR has to offer.

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