15 FREE Premium Lightroom Presets from Seim Effects Color Fantasies 2

Recently we released Color Fantasies 2 here at Seim Effects – It’s a powerful collection of over 100 presets like you’ve never seen in Lightroom. It’s color alchemy at your fingertips, from Hollywood style color tones to film inspired simplicity. But we know that not everyone will be ready to jump in and buy a premium presets pack right off. That’s why we’re giving you free presets – Good ones too.

Below you can download 15 premium presets from Color Fantasies 2. No strings attached. Downloaded, install and start seeing what kind of color is possible within Lightroom. We hope you enjoy and when you see how powerful they are, you’ll check out the complete collection. If you have any questions or problems just get in touch – effects@seimstudios.com, or give us a phone call – 509 951 4860. We really are here to help.

Gavin Seim

Check out the complete collection of over 100 tools.

Download the Free Presets ZIP

Watch the video on installing presets.

Below a few before and after examples – See more and try out all the presets in the virtual demo on the Color Fantasies 2 product page.


[/beforeafter] [beforeafter]


-- Featured product -- Natural HDR 2 Presets  
  • Free Bird says:

    Nice work.

  • Turner says:

    “Thank you” for the preset offer, I am an advanced hobbyist photographer and use LR as a primary editing/enhancement software for my photographs. After installing the free presets, I was able to improve on some photos to bring life back into them. I will be monitoring your work and product line as a future purchase. Again, “thank you” for the inspiration to achieve the best from our photography.

  • Martin Young says:

    I’m glad you sent this email. I’ve been hunting for some additional ‘effects,’ and what do you know, Gavin Seim came up to bat as if he had a telepathic connection to my mental wish list. Thanks, Gavin.

  • ram casty says:

    Thanks for sharing your presets!

  • Thank you! I just upgraded to LR 4, can’t wait to try your presets!

  • Hey thanks for sharing. Feel free to help yourself to my Free Lightroom Presets


  • Delia Short says:

    Thanks for sharing some of your presets. Just getting into LR so eager to see what the presets can do.

  • ?????? says:


  • Matthew says:


    seem to be really nice presets but i’ve downloaded twice now and i don’t get any presets in the folder 🙁
    Only help and tips

    • Gavin Seim says:

      Hey Matthew. I just downloaded the ZIP and they are in there. Once you download an unzip the file inside there should be a folder names “1. Sampler Presets” Inside that are the presets.

  • lucy says:

    oh no ,i downloaded it but i am unable to set it

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