EXposed Light Workshop Series Wins PPA HOT ONE Award:

It’s now official. EXposed, our workshop about everything exposure and mechanics of light won the coveted HOT ONE Award from Professional Photographers of America. in the educational DVD’s category.


This is super exciting for us since EXposed was a brand new direction in workshop films that is not being done much. We’re really proud of it. We worked hard for the cinematic approach in this 4+ hour series, roaming thousands of miles and visiting incredible locations to study light and discuss how we can better use it. We did just that.

EXposed has humble roots – We jumped in head first and worked hard resulting in a film that was better than we ever imagined. It got rave reviews and now this HOT ONE award on top if it all helps to reenforce that our idea was indeed a good one.

If you have not seen EXposed now is the time. It’s guaranteed to make you a better image maker. Pick up a Download or DVD copy. You won’t be disappointed and the value is better than most workshops you’ve seen.

You can even watch a series of free segments from EXposed right here.

For a short time you can get EXposed for just $49.00 – Just enter promo code: EXPOSE in your cart.

Let us know if you have questions… Gav


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