The Black and White White Balance Trick!

Does this photo look green and ugly? Not in black and white it doesn’t. These two sliders change everything and in today’s¬†video we’ll find out why.

This is another tip for raw processing and for (but not limited to) the new Silver 3 presets. We’re going to look at how you can take better control of your black and white process by using the white balance sliders to get the luminance and gradient mix you want in every image.

You’ve likely done this before, but I thought we would take the time to understand better how white balance effects black and white. Some of the presets in Silver 3 do this already¬†behind the scenes, but you can tweak any black and white process to your heart’s content using this method.

The presets I’m using are Silver 3 for Lightroom. Get them here.

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  • Marvin Goldstein says:

    Please explain why Photoshop “filters”, “sliders”, “hue and saturation”, cannot match your Silver 3 application ???

    • Gavin Seim says:

      You can get good B&W results in PS using the channel, black and white panel etc. But cannot process B&W like silver because it’s not a RAW processor. LR and similar apps work working directly with the RAW file in a non-destructive way. I always finish images in PS for details, but I find the best result comes from doing the initial process in a RAW editor.

  • TOM BROWN says:

    Can I use this software as a standalone?

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